Buzz In Electric Strike Kit

Remote Release of Wood/Metal Doors



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Currently you have to drop everything and physically go to the door to let someone in.  This is an out of date procedure for granting temporary access, whether for a visitor, trade worker, or customer.  With a small amount of effort and investment, you can implement an automated approach to remotely authorize passage.  The buzz-in lock kit here has all the components less your wiring to create your new remote release system.  It includes the door release push button, a commercial grade cylindrical latch electric door strike, and a 24V power supply.  You can choose between a DC or AC power adapter.  The DC adapter emits a low click sound when the button is depressed, the AC adapter emits a louder buzzing sound. 24VAC is the most common operation mode.  Be sure to match the strike’s voltage selection with your power adapter voltage at installation.  When someone needs to come in, simply press the button with the inscribed key and the electric strike will fire, allowing the individual to grab the existing door knob or handle and pull or push the door open. The button pulses the electric strike to open. Strike re-locks upon releasing button.

Kit includes 1 Receptionist Button + 1 Plug-In Power Adapter + 1 Electric Door Strike

  • Remote buzz-in of guests/visitors
  • Commercial duty hardware
  • Choose from DC / AC power adapter – AC most common
  • Ensure you match the strike’s voltage selection with your power adapter voltage at installation
  • Release strike by pressing inscribed key symbol on receptionist button
  • Re-lock upon release of button

Support: Wiring Guide



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    The transformer was not strong enough to work strike . Once I switched to 24 volt instead of 12 volt it worked great. Other then that I like the product.

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    The products that we have purchased have primarily be the GS ES Kits with one or two exceptions. The product has worked great and our people really like these devices.

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    I really appreciate the help getting the strike kit I purchase however it had been great if was not force to buy another ac adapter because the one you guys provide is not as strong it needs to be in order to make the striker sound once you press the button’ other than that it was great to deal with you guys and now I am looking forward to buy 2 camera systems from you as well…

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A
    Yes that is correct as this kit is not designed to lock the door. It is only designed to interact with an already locked handle and allow a locked handle to be opened via the engaging of the strike. As long as the locked handle on the door has free egress the person inside can still exit without being buzzed out. 
  2. A

    For a wired solution such as this we highly recommend using a certified electrician to do the installation. If you do not have one a general contractor should know how to wire this for you. However, before you purchase we would recommend speaking with our sales staff to ensure you purchase the correct kit for your door as we have multiple options. 

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