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  • Adams Rite MS1950-050

    All Stainless Steel Sliding Door Hookbolt

    SKU: MS1950-250-628

    Adams Rite

    Deadlocking sliding door security.


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    • Eight-ply laminated stainless steel bolt
    • Center ply has alumina-ceramic core to defeat any hacksaw attack, including rod-type “super” hacksaws
    • Hook shape repels pry bar attempts to “spread” the door from its jamb or lift it off its track
    • Ideal lock for sliding doors
    • Manually locking
    • Interfaces with your new narrow-stile keyless entry lock, as well as Adams Rite deadbolt lever, or your existing thumbturn
    • Bolt projection: 13/16"

    Boasting all stainless steel construction, it doesn't get any more durable in Adams Rite hookbolts than the MS1950.  Ideal lock for sliding doors.  Designed to interface with your new narrow-stile keyless entry lock.  Rock-solid construction, and easy to install, the Adams Rite products have been analogous with quality for decades.  This manually locking hookbolt interfaces with the Adams Rite deadbolt lever, or your existing thumbturn.  If you need a thumbturn, you can also order one from us at checkout.  Your keyless lock, this hookbolt, and the interior thumbturn/deadbolt lever are the three necessary components to complete your sliding door keyless entry system.


    Manufacturer Adams Rite
    Finish Clear Anodized, Dark Bronze Anodized
    Warranty 5 Year Manufacturer
    Brand Adams Rite

    Door requirements



    Backset 1 1/2 in., 1 1/8 in., 31/32 in.
    Dimensions Bolt: 5/8 x 1 3/8 in., Face Plate Size: 1.00 (W) x 6.88 (H) in.