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    Double Sided Mechanical Tubular Latchbolt Lock

    SKU: CL515 BB BK MG


    Toss the keys. The Codelocks CL515 BB Double Sided Mechanical Tubular Latchbolt provides convenient keyless access to entry doors. This heavy duty lock features full size lever handles and coded or code free access methods to allow flexibility to users on managing entry. Suitable for use where lever operated locks are preferred.


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    • Heavy duty tubular mortise latch – Light and Medium duty models available
    • 12 stainless steel buttons
    • Lever handle lock for doors hung on the left or right
    • Full size lever handles with return to door
    • Tumbler alignment for easy code change
    • Large three coil lever return spring suitable for high traffic use
    • Code Free Access option – Featuring a black dot on the ‘Y’ button
    • Code Change Method – Requires removal of the lock from the door
    • Stainless steel or Black marine grade finish, anti-bacterial coating also available on request
    • Easy to install
    • Suitable for interior and exterior use
    • Suitable for wooden/metal doors
    • Neoprene seals included
    • Limited lifetime warranty


    • Offices
    • Schools
    • Warehouses
    • Hospitals
    • Care homes
    • Nurseries
    • Hotels
    • Leisure facilities
    • Home

    If you want a tough and secure lock, the Codelocks CL515 Mechanical Tubular Latchbolt is for you. The CL515 provides convenient keyless access to your doors. This heavy-duty lock features full size lever handles for easy entry and durable stainless steel buttons made to withstand daily use. By trading keys for codes, the CL515 allows low-risk access for users without worrying about keys getting lost or stolen. To enable the code free passage function, after the “Y” button is pressed and the correct code entered, guests can come and go as they please. This is great for open business hours, corporate events, house parties, backyard cookouts and more! The CL515 secures homes, offices, classrooms, or wherever lever operated locks are preferred.

    *To change the code on the lock, the lock must be removed from the door and inner tumblers adjusted to the new desired configuration.


    Manufacturer Codelocks
    ANSI Rating Grade 1 (Best)
    Finish Jet Black Marine Grade, Stainless Steel
    Lock Features Old Auto Relocking, Passage Mode
    Solution Mechanical
    Warranty Manufacturer Limited Lifetime
    Handle Type Lever Handle Door Locks
    Access Type Keypad - Digits
    Locking Device Tubular Latch
    Brand Codelocks
    Buttons 2 x 6

    Door requirements

    Door Handing Non-Handed
    Door Prep Standard 2 1/8 in. Cross-Bore, Edge Bore: 1 in.


    Code Length 4 to 6 Digits
    Code Capacity 1


    Exterior Dimensions 7 (H) x 2.15 (W) x 1.25 (D) in.
    Door Thickness Minimum 1 3/8 in.
    Door Thickness Maximum 2 3/8 in.
    Exterior Dimensions 7 (H) x 2.15 (W) x 1.25 (D) in.