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    Prox Card & Keypad Refrigerator Lock


    CompX and CompX eLock

    Built-in Temperature Monitoring
    Wire-free stand-alone and battery operated

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    Do-it-yourself, effortless installation can be done in as little as 12 minutes. Meets Joint Commission Requirements.

    • Industrial strength stand-alone access control HID prox card/keypad refridgerator lock with temperature monitoring; Records up to 500,000 temperature data points of internal temperatures between 50°C to -100°C
    • Program manually on user friendly LCD blue backlit screen or through LockView software
    • Select 4 to 14 digit user codes; Dual credential capability with Lockview software
    • EASY surface mounted installation. Can be screwed in, or most common mount is using adhesive strips. (strips included with order) Once on with adhesive strips, will not come off easily. You would have to use piano wire to break through each of the bond points
    • Each eLock unit includes exterior prox card/numeric keypad, inside motorized latch, battery compartment, latch cable, sealed temperature sensor, and detailed installation instructions
    • Supports 3000 User / Supervisor cards/codes - add/delete users/supervisors quickly at the unit, or with optional LockView software (available at checkout)
    • Audit trail of last 15,000 access attempts with date, time and user name via USB (requires LockView Software - sold separately at checkout)
    • LockView software automatically identifies a temperature monitoring eLock allowing you to edit the temperature settings, activate/deactivate the alarm, and view temperature logs by specific eLock
    • Enhanced security - two reset codes required to delete users and supervisors
    • Powered by 6AA alkaline batteries. (not included) Under normal daily use, you can expect to get appx. one year's worth of use from a set of 6AA's
    • Low battery indicator - visual
    • Jump-start feature - allows authorized user to press a 9-Volt battery into the power port to access the eLock when batteries are fully exhausted
    • Non-volatile memory - should batteries run out lock data and programming is preserved
    • eLock is compatible with 12V electric door strikes (call us at 937-247-9327 to order exterior keypad housing only when you want to use with an electric strike)
    • One (1) year manufacturer warranty
    - Do-it-yourself, effortless installation can be done in as little as 12 minutes. - Meets Joint Commission Requirements. First of its kind providing security and temperature moniting, the eLock is currently installed in dozens of medical clinics, hospitals, and homes throughout the country.  You will be hard pressed to find a refrigerator lock as highly engineered, durable, feature rich, and user friendly as the eLock.  Accomodating up to 3000 users, you can enroll your entire user population.  You'll also be glad to know you can interrogate this lock.  This means less theft, vandalism, and other losses because an audit record is created of every event.  The mere mention to your employees that you can track them will make them think twice about doing something they shouldn't.  Sold as a complete kit your new access control refrigerator lock includes a sealed temperature sensor with 10ft. cord, inside surface mounted motorized latch, and latch cable. Programmable at the lock or by computer (requires LockView software), this stand-alone refrigerator lock provides a secure keyless access solution for your refrigerator openings.  You can eliminate the operational and liability issues associated with keys.  You can end keys being lost, shared, and stolen.  eLock comes in several configurations, including numeric keypad onlymagstripe plus keypad, prox reader plus keypad, and iClass prox plus keypad.  With the magstripe and prox reader units, your existing identification cards can be directly programmed into the lock - no need to buy new cards.  The eLock Magstripe reads Track 2, the eLock Prox reads HID cards, and the iClass Prox reads iClass smart cards.  Take your security to the next level today and start enjoying keyless convenience on all of your cold-storage applications. Perfect for military and veterans hospital applictions, freezers, warmers, research labs, cafeteria's/food storage, hospital/pharmacy refrigerators evidence rooms, etc...


    Manufacturer CompX
    Lock Features Old Audit Trail, Scheduling
    Solution Electronic
    Access Type Keypad - Digits
    Proximity Card/Fob
    Locking Device Surface Latch
    Brand CompX
    CompX eLock

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