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    Magstripe/Keypad WiFi eLock


    Refrigerator and freezer access control with temperature monitoring.

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    Do-it-yourself, effortless installation can be done in as little as 12 minutes. Meets Joint Commission Requirements.

    CompX eLock Eliminates Manual Temperature Logging

    • Prevents human error
    • Automatically records temperature at programmed intervals
    • Data history is archived and easily accessible

    Temperature Monitoring

    • Utilizes 802.11g wireless protocol or Ethernet communication
    • Escalating notification system sends temperature “out of range” alerts via email, text message, voice call, or fax wAudible and visual local alarming at eLock
    • Records up to 500,000 temperature data points and provides programmable charts, graphs and reports
    • Standard temperature range 100C to -40C; Ultra low version to -100C
    • Programming can be done manually on user friendly LCD blue backlit screen or through LockView software

    Access Control

    • 3,000 users/supervisors codes/cards
    • LockView software provides an Audit Trail of the last 15,000 access attempts; including date, time and user name
    • Two modes of access (single, or dual-authentication):  Keypad/Magstripe card* (Track 2).  KeypadProximity card* HID or iCLASS HID available *Use existing identification cards
    • Motor-driven latching mechanism provides the convenience of automatic relocking
    • Complies with Joint Commission standards

    Billions worth of drugs, vaccines, donated organs, and food related items are stored in freezers and refrigerators on a daily basis. A temperature range must be maintained to ensure the quality and safety of these contents. Control over the freezer/fridge must be enforced to mitigate the loss from theft. Trying to do this manually is too difficult. It's why so many are turning to this wireless temperature monitoring and access control system by CompX. It sets up similar to a door access control system, making keys obsolete as with any keyless locks, and handles your temperature monitoring automatically over your network. WiFi enabled, this eLock is the preferred solution for restaurants, hospitals, universities, labs, medical clinics, and all businesses in the emergency medical market who need to adhere to strict guidelines and regulations for protecting cold storage applications. This lock gives personnel the ability to react quickly in the event of a security breach, or fridge/freezer failure or loss of cooling. These freezer and refrigerator locks come in several configurations, including keypad only, magstripe plus keypad, prox plus keypad, and iClass prox plus keypad.  With the magstripe and prox reader units, your existing identification cards can be directly programmed into the lock - no need to buy new cards.  eLock Magstripe reads Track 2, the eLock Prox reads HID cards, and the iClass Prox reads iClass smart cards. eLock can be the difference between a catastrophic event, or one that is mostly contained, if not completely avoided.


    Manufacturer CompX
    Lock Features Old Audit Trail, Remote Control, Scheduling
    Locking Device Surface Latch

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