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  • CompX LockView 3.0

    Access Control Software

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    CompX and CompX eLock

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    • Quickly add or delete users / supervisors and their PIN's (250 user slots available per eLock)
    • Quickly add, edit and delete eLocks
    • Restrict access based on time of day
    • Programmable lockout feature
    • Assign the access rights users and supervisors have with the eLock(s)
    • Download, view, save, print, archive, and delete audit trails (stores last 1500 access attempts)
    • Includes setup, and programming instructions
    • Includes CD, 7ft RJ-11 cable, and USB cable
    • Additional features specific to the temperature monitoring eLocks automatically turned on when using LockView with a Temperature Monitoring eLock model

    Windows-based, easy to navigate and intuitive software for centrally managing your new eLock(s). LockView allows authorized personnel to create a database of users and locks on a local PC. You can use your laptop PC to connect directly into the lock to upload your user data and retreive audit trail. Simply connect the end of the RJ-11 cable into the lock, and then connect another telephone cable from the RJ-11 port, to the USB dongle port. Then connect the USB cable into your laptop USB port. The RJ-11 may also be mounted on the cabinet door next to the lock so that all you do is walk up to it and connect into your USB.


    Manufacturer CompX
    Memory DDR3 512MB
    Operating System Microsoft Windows
    Brand CompX
    CompX eLock

    Door requirements