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  • FEIG ID MAX.U1002

    UHF Vehicle Access Control RFID Reader

    SKU: 4293.001.00

    FEIG Electronic

    A vehicle to total access. The FEIG ID MAX.U1002 provides the functions of a RFID reader and an access controller in one device. Ideal for commercial and industrial personnel and vehicle access control. Manage user data, access rights and more using myAXXESS Manager.

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    • Combination of UHF Long Range RFID Reader and Access Controller
    • Management of more than 4,000 access permissions
    • Simultaneous monitoring of up to 2 lanes with read ranges of up to 12m (39ft)
    • Anti Passback
    • USB service interface
    • Secure Key Storage (Secure Element)
    • Simultaneous monitoring of up to 2 lanes
    • Quick update of authorization data via Ethernet interface
    • Non-volatile event memory
    • Buffered real time clock
    • Teach-in-mode


    • Vehicle access control for cars and trucks
    • Pulse generator for opening industrial gates
    • Parking management
    • Perimeter Protection

    myAXXESS Manager

    • Management of doors and barriers in one project
    • Easy assigning and managing of access rights
    • Secure access control based on secure transponder technologies like Mifare DESFire and UCODE DNA
    • Desktop readers for personalization of transponders available (ID ISC.MRU102, ID CPR40.30)
    • Supports programming of ID MAX50.10, ID MAX.U1002 and MAX.U500i
    • Reading of event and log data from access control readers
    • FREE software – NO monthly subscription required

    The FEIG MAX.U1002 Long Range UHF Reader provides a effective solution for vehicle identification and parking access control. Ideal for airports, universities, gated communities and more. This device is a combination of a UHF Long Range Reader and access controller. Vehicle identification is simple by using passive, maintenance-free UHF transponders (sold separately) which can be stuck behind the windshield of the vehicle to allow or deny access. This allows for a secure authentication of detected transponders and prohibits access of transponders with cloned serial numbers.

    Monitor multiple lanes or check entry and exit simultaneously using two digital outputs and one available antenna port. Useful examples include employee parking lots, corporate driveways, authoritative or other closed facilities that require perimeter protection. Alternatively, the two relays can be set up as signal transmitters for barrier or gate control units. Using the “configuration cloning” feature allows this configuration to be conveniently copied to other devices by the same route. The “Teach-In Mode” is used to teach the transponders to be accessed without the use of the software. If the reader is in this mode, all read transponders are automatically transferred to the access database. All management of the U1002 is supported by myAXXESS management software (see tab).

    Manage user data, access rights and more using FEIG’s patented myAXXESS Manager software. After this synchronization, the reader can run offline as a stand-alone device More than 4,000 access permissions can be managed and up to 3,000 access control events can be stored. Each user can be assigned to additional temporal restrictions including Holidays and vacation days.


    Manufacturer FEIG Electronics
    Power 24 VDC
    Radio Frequency 902 MHz up to 928 MHz
    Brand FEIG Electronic

    Door requirements



    Dimensions 6.18 (H) x 10.24 (W) x 2.56 (D) in.
    Storage Temperature Range -13°F to 185°F (-25°C to 85°C)
    Weight 3.97 lbs

    Access control systems on buildings and parking areas should be as uncomplicated as possible. myAXXESS is the secure, powerful and economic solution for small and medium-sized projects. Both in a stand-alone systems and integrated into existing access solutions.

    As a RFID specialist, FEIG ELECTRONIC offers systems from a single source, consisting of:

    RFID hardware for short-range solutions (HF)
    RFID hardware for long-range solutions (UHF)
    Software myAXXESS Manager for administration of access authorizations
    Transponders for granting authorizations (HF chip cards and UHF wind shield transponders)

    The “myAXXESS Manager” software makes it easy to manage access authorizations of people and vehicles. The local database application can control users and groups of users, and accesses for doors and barriers can be co-managed in one project and assigned to specific areas for ease of control.

    The software supports the programming of short-range readers such as the ID MAX50.10 for the identification of persons at doors and barriers as well as the programming of long-range readers such as ID MAX.U1002 and MAX.U500i for vehicle access control. If required, secure access projects can be implemented based on secure technologies such as Mifare DESFire and UCODE DNA from NXP.

    User Management

    Management of users and transponders
    Assignment of users to user groups
    Import of user lists and old projects
    Export of user lists
    Access Right Management

    Managing access rights on single user and single door/barrier level or on user group and area level
    Easy managing of access rights with one general map
    Import of user lists and old projects
    Export of user lists
    Door / Barrier Management

    Management of doors / barriers and readers
    Easy reader configuration
    Assignment of doors or barriers to areas
    Event list viewer
    Time Model Management

    Creating own time models from 15 different, self-defined time periods
    Holiday Management

    List of self-defined holidays
    Special access rights for holidays
    This software is FREE with No monthly subscription.