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    Mortise Hotel Lock for RezShield

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    Ilco and Saflok

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    Using no wires, the Ilco 79 Series lock features a battery powered RFID reader to open the door. Renters present their keycard, fob, or wristband for an upgraded key free living experience. Ilco 79 Series door locks require the RezShield system for programming and maintenance. RezShield™ is a best-in-class software solution for the multifamily housing industry, including senior living centers.

    Door Handing
    Locking Device
    Mortise | Key Override

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    • All-metal, heavy duty electronic mortise lockset, including clutch mechanism and built-in contactless RFID reader
    • Integration into Kaba RezShield™ Access Control System (sold separate)
    •  Toggle (79T) Lock Mode; locked or unlocked from outside by a credential or from the inside with the thumbturn, preventing lockouts (also available in 79L Storeroom Mode)
    • One-inch solid metal deadbolt for added protection and privacy (optional automatic deadbolt)
    • Infrared communications link for programming and auditing
    • Multiple key override options
    • Passage, and lockout modes
    • Drainage system designed to prevent internal build-up of condensation
    • Operates with three standard AA batteries in the front housing, providing a battery life of 120,000 door openings (two to three years)
    • Low battery indicator alerts staff that batteries need to be changed
    • Credentials accepted; RFID cards or tags (ISO 14443, MIFARE Classic (4 Byte NUID), MIFARE Plus and Ultralight C)
    • Credential expiry; one hour to seven years, depending on type and setup
    • Disability Feature; extended unlock time (4 seconds standard, 15 seconds for disability)

    RezShield Software Features – Required, Not Included w/ Lock

    • User-friendly, intuitive solution protects client investment and simplifies integration with other building systems
    • Reduces material and labor costs associated with rekeying
    • Standard connectivity (Ethernet LAN -TCP/IP) makes it easy to network with existing compatible systems programming functions
    • Resident and employee credentials can be cancelled on an individual basis
    • Time-based access control system includes user-selectable keycard expiration
    • High security key encryption, proprietary and unique to each installation
    • Eight (8) authority levels to enable access controls
    • Extensive reporting capabilities with a complete system audit trail
    • Eleven (11) lock-access levels for greater key control

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    Simple Tap and Turn Operation with a Contactless System
    Using the latest in contactless RFID read-write technology, Ilco 79 Series locks enable residents to present either a keycard, FOB, or wristband credential in front of the reader in order to operate the lock. With a contactless system, there is virtually no contact between the lock and the credential, making it especially useful for residents with limited mobility and dexterity. In addition, 79 Series locks may be custom ordered to include operation with Kaba Mobile Access Solutions as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), allowing residents to use their smart device as a credential. And, since this system has a system-based protocol vs pairing, property management retains control for issuing keys.

    Each 79 lock maintains an audit trail for greater accountability, including the ability to monitor staff movements throughout the property by auditing keycard use history. Staff keycards also carry information about the lock, such as low batteries. This data helps with preventative maintenance, allowing property managers to respond proactively. Electronics and batteries are located in the front lock housing, so staff can perform maintenance without disturbing residents or needing to enter apartments. And, its robust, tamper-resistant design features a sealed reader and conceals any previous deadbolt cutouts.


    Manufacturer dormakaba USA Inc.
    ANSI Rating Grade 1 (Best)
    Battery Type AA
    BHMA Rating Grade 1 (Best)
    Lock Features Old Audit Trail, No Tour, Passage Mode, Privacy, Scheduling, Timed Codes
    Radio Frequency 13.56 MHz
    Solution Electronic
    Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer
    Handle Type Lever Handle Door Locks
    Reader Type Prox Card/Fob
    Access Type Key
    Smart Card/Fob
    Brand Ilco

    Door requirements

    Battery Life 120,000 Cycles
    Door Prep Mortise, Through-Bolt Hole(s)
    Lever Design Long/long
    Lock Mode Toggle


    Time Zone Capability Yes
    Timed Entry Allowance Yes


    Exterior Dimensions 9 3/8 (H) x 3 5/16 (W) x 2 7/8 (D) in.
    Inside Dimensions ["9 (H) x 3 1/4 (W) x 2 1/4 (D) in."]
    Door Thickness Minimum 1 3/8 in.
    Door Thickness Maximum 2 1/2 in.
    Certifications FL13061, ADA, CAN/ULC-S104, Florida Building Code, UL 10B, UL 10C
    Door Stile Width Minimum 5 in.
    Exterior Dimensions 9 3/8 (H) x 3 5/16 (W) x 2 7/8 (D) in.
    Weight 8 lbs

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    <p>Designed for multihousing developers, owners, and property managers, RezShield software is a web-based solution that manages keys, simplifies operations, and increases security while providing centralized auditing and enhanced reporting capabilities. The user-friendly software integrates into any facility IT infrastructure and provides properties with a state-of-the-art, cost-effective method to control access and collect data.</p>

    <p>RezShield software is the tool administrators use to enter information and encode a credential for either a resident or staff member. And, programming the credential is easy—the administrator simply enters the resident information; assigns a key, unit, and amenities to the resident, then encodes either a wristband, FOB, or keycard. When a resident presents their credential in front of the lock’s reader, it functions just like a traditional key, providing secure access to rooms.</p>

    <p>The credential contains a unique, encrypted code, which authorizes access to either a resident or staff member. Administrators can customize credentials to provide access to other amenities, such as an exercise room, parking, etc. The system’s flexibility enables residents to carry just one credential when gaining access to all the property’s features in addition to their own unit. If a resident uses a new credential at the lock, the system cancels all previous resident-level credentials for that lock. This provides a high level of security, equivalent to re-keying the lock for every resident. In addition, the system audits every use of the RezShield PC or lock access event. Authorized software users must enter a valid password to make or read a keycard, which becomes part of the audit trail and reveals the date and time, user’s identity, and the user’s operations.</p>