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    Self-Powered Eco-Friendly Electronic Mortise with Key

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    PowerStar technology! Create power from the simple pump of the handle. PowerPlex reduces battery waste and drives down access control maintenance costs to virtually zero. It’s hard to imagine, but even without any activity at the lock, PowerPlex holds a full charge for up to 10 weeks. With a sealed unit and durable finish the lock withstands a broad range of climates and is perfect for outdoor and remote locations.

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    • Self-Powering Mortise Lock with PowerStar Technology:  No batteries to end up in a landfill!
    • How It Works:  Turn of lever to power-on electronics, then you enter your 4-8 digit PIN sequence, and turn lever to open door
    • 100 Users Supported: Millions of possible code choices
    • RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Compliant:  Manufactured free of toxic metals
    • Satin Chrome finish: Satin brass available upon request
    • 3 Operation Modes: PIN access, lockout, & passage
    • Lockout Mode:  De-activates all regular user and manager codes, excluding Master code
    • Passage Mode:  Toggle on/off, or pre-programm to re-lock after a certain number of hours
    • Full-size ADA Lever:  Field reversible for left and right swing doors
    • Perfect for Wood and Metal Doors with Mortise cut-outs:  Installation screws for both included
    • Program Via the Lock’s Keypad
    • Rugged Clutch Mechanism:  Ensures long life & durability
    • Four Authority Levels: Master, Manager, User and Service (Service users allowed only ‘one-time’ access, or access for 1-24 hours)
    • Auto-Locking:  Program into passage mode at any time by following command-sequence
    • Free Exiting at All Times with Inside Lever
    • Patented LectroBolt:  Ease of Installation
    • Retrofits Mortise locksets
    • Concealed Key Override:  Standard Kaba cylinder with Schlage “C” keyway & 2 back-up keys supplied.  See I/C prep
    • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty;  Built-in warranty counter in lock memory


    • Indoor/Outdoor Approved
    • Durability:  ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certified
    • Operational Temperature Range:  +151°F to -31°F
    • Lock Mechanism:  ASM Mortise with 1-1/4″ Face Plate, No Deadbolt
    Nothing short of spectactular, and nothing like it in the world of locks, the all new E-Plex P2000 Mortise with PowerStar technology generates its own power with each turn of the lever.  Most keyless entry systems require wiring, or at least batteries for power, increasing installation and maintenance costs. With the self-powering P2000 not only do you get an ecosmart, waste reducing, environmentally friendly solution, you get a system with a faster payback, without sacrificing any industry-standard capabilities typically found in a stand-alone entry-level physical security solution. Multiple operation modes and authority levels, including a capacity to handle up to 100 users, offers you scalability, allows you to manage administrative rights, and provides you the versatility to keep doors secured or open when you need them to be. For instance, using the duration of passage mode configuration sequence, you can program the lock to stay open for a period of 1-24 hours, and then automatically re-lock each day at the end of this duration.  This is exactly what you need for public areas where you must have free access for a period of time. Easily able to replace your keyed-in mortise lock, the E-Plex 2066 with PowerStar only takes one individual to put it in, no need for extra hands.  And, there is no wiring to or through the door, saving you even more time when setting up your new keyless entry system. More than once, this lock will bail you out of a tough situation.  Those phone calls from staff wanting to know when you'll arrive to let them in will disappear, along with the expense of doing lock updates and key replacements when an employee leaves. Just wait to see the amazement on your staff's faces when you enroll them into the lock and hear all the ways they feel it will save time and make their work environment safer and more secure. You'll be the hero. 

    Banks, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Airports, Retail, Offices, Pharmacies Product Enhancement | Effective 3/1/12 E-Plex 2000 Series locks now available with audit trail and software management. Utilizing the M-Unit Kit (sold separate), and E-Plex Standard Software (Download FREE), you can access the last 1,000 audit events recorded in memory, including the use of the mechanical key override. Product Enhancement | Effective 5/15/13  KABA E-Plex 2000 (EPS2000) Series mortise locks are now the PowerPlex 2000.  The new PowerPlex operates like any other standalone lock, no need to "pump" the lever first, they come with a new lower list price, and upgraded internal mechanical design to withstand rugged Grade 1 commercial use, a 3 year warranty, and an ASA strike is now included every cylindrical PowerPlex 2000.


    Manufacturer dormakaba USA Inc.
    Lock Features Old Audit Trail
    Solution Electronic
    Handle Type Lever Handle Door Locks
    Access Type Key
    Keypad - Digits
    Locking Device Mortise
    Brand PowerPlex

    Door requirements



    Door Thickness Minimum 2 1/2 in.
    Door Thickness Maximum 1 3/8 in.
    Backset 2 3/4 in.
    Dimensions 8 15/16 (H) x 3 5/16 (W) x 3 3/16 (D) in.