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    Smart Lock Conversion Kit

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    Kevo and Kwikset

    Keep your existing deadbolt but lose it's keys! Kevo Convert is a smart lock conversion kit. It uses your existing deadbolt and turns it into a smart lock in minutes! No hardwiring. No more missing or lost keys. Know when loves ones arrive safely at home. Stay connected while away on vacation. Perfect for short term rentals and apartments. Fits over top your existing deadbolt's thumbturn. Get keyless smart home access with your existing lock!


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    Kevo Convert Smart Lock Features

    • 30 Second Auto Re-lock
    • Send and manage eKeys via your smartphone for anytime access, scheduled access and 24 hour guest access
    • Receive notifications and view usage history
    • Works with other smart devices – Amazon Alexa (Echo/Dot), Nest thermostat, Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat and Ring Wi-Fi and Skybell Video doorbells
    • Military grade PKI encryption
    • Patent pending positioning technology security feature automatically detects if you are inside your home to prevent unauthorized access
    • Compatible with iPhone 4S or higher and select Android 5.0 or higher devices
    • Requires 4 AA Batteries – included


    • Lifetime mechanical and finish warranty
    • 1 year electronic warranty to the original residential user

    Types of eKeys

    • Guest eKey:  This free eKey allows you to give your Guest unrestricted access for a 24 hour period and will then be automatically deleted.  If this eKey is not used within 24 hours after the eKey has been sent, it will expire. Guest eKeys are unlimited and can be sent to the same person or different people each time.
    • Scheduled eKey:  This eKey allows you to pre-set time constraints for the recipient.  You control the days and the time of the week when the eKey will be active.  This eKey never expires and can be reassigned from one person to the next as a Scheduled or Anytime eKey.
    • Anytime eKey:  You can send this eKey to anyone, anywhere, anytime.  This eKey never expires and can be reassigned from one person to the next as an Anytime or Scheduled eKey.

    Benefits of eKeys

    • Each eKey is unique and assigned specifically to a Kevo user and Kevo lock
    • An eKey can be shared digitally in a few clicks
    • You are in full control of who receives an eKey. There are no more unknown copies of the keys to your home
    • An eKey cannot be duplicated, unlike a physical key
    • Using Kevo’s lock management system helps you track all eKey users at a glance
    • You can temporarily disable or completely delete any unwanted users from Kevo
    • With Scheduled eKeys, you can control the day/time when someone has access to your home
    • With free and unlimited Guest eKeys, you can give your Guests unrestricted, 24-hour access
    • eKeys capacity:  Unlimited
    GoKeyless™ is a factory trained and authorized Kwikset Kevo dealer. Sales, service, support, valid warranties. It's why thousands of clients around the world choose GoKeyless™ for their security and access control needs each year.Lock and Unlock from Your Smartphone No dumb locks at our house! The Kevo Convert conversion kit easily replaces your current lock's interior hardware only & installs in minutes. Use your phone to lock or unlock your Kevo Convert within Bluetooth range. Your current lock's exterior hardware stays the same. No additional installation required.
    Open the Kevo app and control your door with a click on the screen. No more fumbling for your keys.
    Purchase the full lock solution Kevo 2nd Gen. Touch-to-Open Smart Lock and have the ability to use fobs as well.

    Kevo includes a free mobile app which is used for initial setup, sending, disabling and deleting eKeys, viewing history of smart lock activity, and setting up other configurable features and options. The Kevo App must be opened to lock/unlock the Kevo Convert lock. Available for download at the Apple App Store for iOS devices* or Google Play for Andriod devices**. *Available for Apple iPhone 4s and newer only **Available for select Android 5.0 Lollipop devices


    Manufacturer Kwikset
    Battery Type AA
    Lock Features Old Audit Trail, Bluetooth, Remote Control, Scheduling, Temporary Codes, Timed Codes
    Solution Electronic
    Warranty 1 Year Electronic, Lifetime Mechanical and Finish
    Access Type Smartphone/App
    Brand Kevo

    Door requirements

    Door Handing Reversible
    Battery Life 1 Year


    Wireless Protocol Bluetooth BLE


    Door Thickness Minimum 1 3/8 in.
    Door Thickness Maximum 1 3/4 in.
    Backset Adjustable
    Dimensions 5.75 (H) x 2.75 (W) x 2 (D) in.
    Door Stile Width Minimum 3 in.
    Weight 2 lbs

    An eKey, short for electronic key, is an encrypted digital key that functions similarly to a traditional mechanical key but is stored and accessed through a smartphone. With Kevo-compatible smartphones, users can send eKeys to friends and family, allowing them access to the lock. Each eKey is unique and tied to a specific Kevo user for enhanced security.

    Here are the different types of eKeys:

    Owner eKey: Automatically received when setting up a smartphone to work with the lock. The owner eKey grants full access to the lock and its functionalities.

    Admin eKey: Admin eKeys have full access to the lock, its history, and notifications. Admins can also send, edit, or delete eKeys, except for the Owner eKey.

    Anytime eKey: Anytime eKeys are granted the ability to lock or unlock the lock.

    Regarding compatibility, Kevo Convert is compatible with iPhones 4S or higher and select Android 5.0 Lollipop devices.

    Kwikset's latest update for their Kevo smart lock adds a new Kevo skill for Amazon Alexa. Now you can lock, unlock, and check the status of your Kevo locks using only your voice. The smart lock just got smarter.

    How Does it Work?

    Enabling the Kevo skill and linking your Kevo smart lock account to your device with Alexa gives voice control to your door locks. Once you link your accounts, you can issue voice commands to Alexa like:

    Alexa, ask Kevo to list my locks.
    Alexa, ask Kevo to check the status of my front door.
    Alexa, ask Kevo to lock my front door.
    Alexa, ask Kevo to unlock my front door.
    Note, when you connect your Kevo smart lock to Amazon Alexa you are required to set up and speak a 4-12 digit pin for additional security. In testing, we found that you can also whisper your pin to Alexa to prevent your pin from being overheard, increasing security.

    Is it safe?

    Your Kevo and Kevo Plus already feature unmatched smart lock security. With military-grade PKI encryption and inside-outside technology protecting the digital experience and the latest SmartKey security protecting the mechanical cylinder, you can feel safe with a Kevo smart lock on your door. For more on the security technology in your Kevo smart lock please visit the Kevo security page.

    If you do choose to use Alexa to unlock your Kevo, be sure to set a secure 4-12 digit pin code. 1…2…3…4, your birthday, or your ATM pin code aren’t the most secure choices. Remember, you’ll be saying this aloud, or whispering quietly, to unlock your Kevo using Alexa, so your pin should be easy to remember but also unique to your device with Amazon Alexa.

    Hardware Requirements

    Kevo 2nd Gen Smart Lock, Kevo Plus and Echo/Dot