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  • FJM KeyGuard Pro SL-590

    Wall Mount Pushbutton Lockbox

    SKU: SL-590


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    • Familiar telephone style key pad entry
    • Mount to any surface with included hardware – car window mount model also available
    • Alpha and Numeric Combinations
    • Secure:  Thousands of possible combinations
    • Large Storage Area:  Store Keys, Access Cards, Business Cards
    • Large, Durable, Punch Buttons:  Easy to use, Easy to see, Convenient
    • Protective Cover:  Weather Resistant, Protects from Elements, Removable
    • Metal constructed body and locking mechanisms
    • Value:  Competitively priced, 1 year warranty
    • Setup and operating instructions provided

    Use Easy-to-Remember Words

    • Convey a marketing message
    • Use your company name
    • Personalize your combination
    • Familiar phone keypad entry
    • Convenience of words and/or numbers
    • Easy to use punch buttons


    • Contractors and Sub-contractors
    • Recreational Vehicles
    • Boats and Boat Lockers
    • Bicycles and Motor Bikes
    • Real Estate Agents and Investors
    • Property Managers
    • Cleaning and Maintenance Personnel
    • Children and Family
    • Emergency Access to Elderly
    • Great for Joggers and Outdoor Sports
    • Access Cards
    • Deliveries
    • Real Estate Key Lockbox and Property Management Key Lockbox

    Directions For Use

    There's a profound difference between a hidden key, and a secured key.  Given enough time, a hidden key leads to devastating home and office burglaries.  A key secured in a key vault offers protection.  Unless you trust your co-worker, neighbor, or store owner across the street with your life, don't give them a spare key, and don't have them watch your keys.  Invest in a quality lock box.  Your keys will be safe, you won't get locked out, and you'll make it convenient for those who need the key from time to time.  The KeyGuard Pro key safe mounts easily to any surface and keeps your keys protected with your own private pass-code.  The large buttons on the SL590 telephone style key pad make setting and changing the code familiar and easy.  Weather resistant, supplied with a removable protective cover, and made from reinforced metal, each KeyGuard SL-590 keeps up to 8 keys, access cards, and business cards.  You can secure your keys for others, and ensure no one's locked out.  A padlockable loop on the shackle release inside the lock box gives you the option to secure the shackle with a small brass padlock.  This way the lockbox can't be removed even by those who have access to the keys.


    Manufacturer FJM Security Products
    Access Type Combo
    Brand KeyGuard

    Door requirements



    Exterior Dimensions 4.75 (H) x 3.25 (W) 2.5 (D) in.
    Inside Dimensions ["3.75 (H) x 3.5 (W) x 1.15 (D) in."]
    Exterior Dimensions 4.75 (H) x 3.25 (W) 2.5 (D) in.
    Weight 1.5 lbs