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  • Saflok Quantum RFID RCU/ECU

    Hotel Remote/Elevator Control Unit

    SKU: CQM2-RC011NC000SC/SC


    Attention hotel and motel owners! Special project pricing available. Contact us today to take advantage of exclusive offers tailored to your business. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

    Elevate your access control. The Saflok Quantum RFID RCU/ECU provides RFID technology to peripheral electrified access control devices and other secured areas with electrified hardware. Access everything from elevators to swimming pools simply by holding the keycard or compatible Bluetooth device near the reader.


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    • BLE options
    • Contactless QTM smart card reader uses industry-standard Mifare ISO 14443A communication platform and high-security protocol
    • Contactless communication between the keycard and the reader via RF waves
    • Keycards are programmed using a contactless encoder
    • Restricts access to guest keys after check-out date
    • Selectable master key access
    • Auditable entries/attempts
    • Ability to easily integrate into any System 6000™ design and Ambiance access management software
    • Configurable credential expiration
    • Option: choose the Saflok Multi-Floor Controller to secure access to multiple floors for your elevator

    Technical Data

    • Diagnostics: LED lights displayed behind high-impact polycarbonate reader lens
    • USB connectivity to LPI probe
    • Optionally equipped with the Messenger LENS transceiver for centralized access control
    • Environmentally sealed contactless smart card reader protects against climate extremes
    • Programmable auto latch/unlatch feature eliminates need for manual dogging


    • Remote access points – elevator, parking entrance, outdoor swimming pool
    • Locking devices – electric strike, magnetic lock
    • RCU switch works with electrified locking devices
    • Fits into double-gang switch box
    • Controls electric locking devices up to 24 volts AC/DC
    • Configurable for normally closed circuits (magnet latches) and normally open circuits (electric strikes)

    Get in on the ground floor to convenience with the Saflok Quantum RFID RCU/ECU Lodging Remote/Elevator Control Unit. Using the latest in RFID technology with the environmentally sealed QTM contactless smart card reader. Hold your Bluetooth compatible device or RFID keycard near the RCU reader for access to your floor or to your room and common areas in the building. You can secure access to outdoor pools, parking entrances, elevators and other electrified perimeter locking devices up to 24 volts AC/DC. Control and monitor access with auditable entries, selectable master key access and deactivate guest credentials after they check out. Protect floors that require extra security or clearance with the Saflok Multi-Floor Controller (sold separately) installed on your elevator. The Multi-Floor Controller and the reader require a double-gang switch box for correct installation.

    For additional model options, information, or ordering assistance, please contact our multi-family project team at 877-439-5377 ext. 1005


    Manufacturer dormakaba USA Inc.
    Lock Features Old Activity Monitoring, Audit Trail, Bluetooth, Status Monitoring, Tamper Alerts
    Solution Electronic
    Voltage 12/24V AC/DC
    Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer
    Access Type Smart Card/Fob
    Brand Saflok

    Door requirements

    Door Prep Through-Bolt Hole(s)


    Credential Format MIFARE Classic
    Credential Type MIFARE
    Wireless Protocol Bluetooth BLE


    Exterior Dimensions 4.50 (H) x 4.56 (W) x .75 (D) in.
    Exterior Dimensions 4.50 (H) x 4.56 (W) x .75 (D) in.