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  • Securitron MM15-TS

    Stainless Steel Tamper Shield for MM15

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    • Fully encloses lock face
    • Prevents unwanted access to MM15 Strike Plate using foreign objects

    The Securitron MM15 is not simply just a maglock.  Virtually every maglock installed and available today is an electromagnetic device only.  It has the electromagnet, installed at the top of the door, and the armature, which attaches to the door.  The MM15 is unique because of its hybrid design — electromagnetic and electromechanical.  This 'dual-action' maglock provides 4,000 lbs. of holding force, more than double the typical amount used for an access controlled door.  It does this with mandibles, which rotate inward, and clamp down and capture the edges of the armature.  Most applications require 1,200 lbs. of holding force.  This is generally sufficient, except in the event of a forced entry attempt. Environments where tougher security is needed the MM15 is going to provide the protection necessary.  The additional holding force will also help you protect your door investment.  Like all maglocks, the MM15 is useful in gate, glass door, and aluminum storefront door installations.  With a design however more compact than your standard maglock, it's also preferred for projects with where styling and architectural sensitivity need to be accounted for.


    Manufacturer Securitron
    Brand Securitron

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