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Smart Home Systems

The future has arrived. Today’s top home security trends include a home automation system, with smart locks and switches that you can control from your own phone! Our roster of DIY wireless smart home systems can be used as a launch pad for the added safety and convenience a connected home offers. All of our home kits feature notifications to buzz your pocket when your kids or hired contractor uses their unique code to open your lock. Stay connected with the inner workings of your home, keep tabs on who is entering and exiting, and personalize your home’s settings with the touch of a button.

The Benefits of Smart Home Systems

When you invest in a smart home hub, it’s easy for all of your homekit devices to communicate efficiently. And getting your smart home system set up is simple! All it takes is a web-enabled device (such as a computer or smartphone), high-speed internet, and a weekday evening or Saturday afternoon. We’re here to guide you through the process so it’s quick and stress-free. Ready to add extra security and bonus convenience with a home automation system? We’re ready to help! Our home automation and smart home setup service is priced affordably and gives you one-on-one time with smart tech experts.

Smart Home Hub Brands

Assure - With these bundles, you’ll find cutting edge technology mixed with stylish options to keep your Airbnb or home’s front door looking sleek while adding convenience to your daily routine. Kevo - This homekit offers up both traditional & contemporary trim options to blend in seamlessly with your home. Pairs with your smartphone and creates personalized eKeys for friends, family, and anyone else who needs access to your home. Nexia - A smart home hub for every level, depending on what works best for your household. Choose between multiple finish options to blend in with your established aesthetic. Nexia prioritizes comfort so you can enjoy the benefits of a home automation system.

Get Started; GoKeyless

While there are a lot of applications for a smart home system, don’t feel as though you have to incorporate them all at once! Start with your most important features that’ll add convenience to your routine. As you become more comfortable, add new devices with the app. These products pair with ease, and there’s always room to add more intricate features. (We dare you not to become obsessed.) Ready to dive in? We’re here to answer any and all of your questions so you feel well-informed and comfortable with the installation of your brand new home automation system. As your home security experts, we give you the time and attention you deserve as you make the leap to once and for all GoKeyless!