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Imagine if you could enter your home with the touch of a finger. These days, it’s easy! Residential fingerprint locks offer customizable security, and are perfect for those days when you’re trying to carry just one too many grocery bags into your house.

With this personalized method of unlocking your front door, you’ll rest easy knowing that you have the keys to your home right there at your fingertips...literally!

Benefits of Residential Fingerprint Locks

Not only do fingerprint locks provide tight security, but some models are programmed to detect when a door closes, and they’ll automatically lock after five seconds. No more worrying if you forgot to lock up while you were rushing out of the house this morning - your lock has taken care of it.

These electronic door locks also offer customizable control. That means, it’s easy and convenient to grant access to your home simply by using your smartphone. From your babysitter to your sister, you can decide who can enter your home and when!

Residential Fingerprint Locks Brands

Ultraloq - Ultraloq is one of our most popular lock brands and it's no surprise why. This smart system utilizes Bluetooth and smartphones to grant access to your home, not only with your fingerprint but also with a simple knock or shake of your smartphone!

Kwikset - This flagship brand in home security offers their Halo Touch biometric deadbolts in both a traditional and contemporary design so you can match your home’s style! These electronic door locks can be accessed remotely, so you can check your home’s security from anywhere.

eKey - This biometric door lock model is perfect if you’re looking for an option that doesn’t require a computer. And with the capacity for 99 unique users, you’ll be able to give access to anyone and everyone who needs it.

Smart Access Technologies - This fingerprint lock is specifically designed to control cabinet access within your home. Perfect for keeping little ones out of spaces they shouldn’t be getting into!


Your fingerprint is one of a kind and fingerprint door locks use that individuality to protect your home and loved ones. Because these electronic door locks are created with cutting edge technology, they can’t be picked or bumped like conventional locks. And with keyless options, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with not having to track lost or stolen house keys!

When you want to install a fingerprint lock for your home, go ahead and contact us. We’re here to answer all of your questions so you feel informed and confident about your decision. We’ve sold over 1 million models of keyless locks, and changed countless lives. Come home with the touch of a finger: GoKeyless.