Keep Your Vacation Rental Safe With Great Tech

If you are fortunate enough to own a vacation rental property, you know just how complicated security can be. Not every guest that you have come into your rental property will be the perfect renter, and if you are relying on an old-fashioned lock and key style security system, you could be opening yourself up to a litany of security issues down the line. It is easy enough to monitor each renter during the time they are staying in your property, but if they were to copy your key, they could easily stroll by and take your property without raising an eyebrow. Not only can your renters be potential security risks, if your vacation rental stays vacant for any stretch of time, thieves tend to take notice of quiet homes. If you want to make sure that you keep your vacation rental safe and secure every day of the year, there is no substitute for a high-quality smart lock and smart home system like an Oracode lock. Find all of the smart home and home security technology that you need right here at

Oracode Live 660i

One of the most difficult parts of managing a rental property is controlling and managing access to your property. With traditional lock and key style property, you might even be forced to hire someone just to manage key access and manage entry to your property. The Oracode Live 660i makes it easy to manage access to your property by generating new access codes and removing old codes once a renter has left the property. This lock features a 10-digit keypad that utilizes a 6-digit code, offering over a million different combination options. With a choice between three different finish options, this lock fits seamlessly into any exterior aesthetic. The best part of this great Oracode lock is that it can easily be managed remotely, making it easier than ever to keep your rental property safe and secure.

Oracode Live 480i

If you are looking for the perfect commercial-duty lock to easily manage your rental property, the Oracode Live 480i is perfect for you. This sleek smart lock allows your renters to access your property without ever having to interact with them in person. This lock comes equipped with event notifications available by email, text messages, or via the Oracode Live website. This beautiful lock gives you the ability to easily manage access to your property, track access to your doors, and add and remove codes remotely.

Dormakaba Oracode Smart Controller

In order to fully maximize the features of your Oracode smart lock, you will want to connect it to a Dormakaba Oracode Smart Controller. This central smart home hub easily connects with all Z-Wave smart home devices and allow you to manage all of these devices remotely from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. This smart home hub can control up to 6 different Oracode locks, and up to 200 different Z-Wave enabled smart devices. No matter how many properties you need to manage, the Dormakaba Oracode Smart Controller is the perfect way to manage all of your devices remotely.

You can easily take your vacation security and cost efficiency to the next level with these three great products. No matter what security products you are looking for, trust the expert staff here at