RFID Door Locks

For years the only available card entry technology has been swipe card. That is now changing as swipe cards have a tendency to lose their magnetic strength over time, (hotel room keys!) and the swipe readers are too vulnerable to spills, and dirt and dust collection, rendering them useless.

GoKeyless™ has joined forces with leading manufacturers like Alarm Lock and Kaba to offer you a better alternative in key card based access control for your business with our new line of proximity rfid door locks – prox locks for short. Proximity card door locks utilize a radio frequency technology which is represented by a miniature antennae placed inside the card, keyfob, or other HID (human interface device) that transmits a signal to the proximity reader to allow entry.

Our proximity locks and proximity access control solutions come in a variety of styles and décor. Prox card locks like our Trilogy PDL3000 are built extremely tough and are ideal for medium to high traffic office or school environments. We also sell the remote access readers, such as the Trilogy PDK3000, and Kaba E5770. These can be mounted on the door stile (frame) or wall. Your users simply wave their proximity card across the reader for access.

Whether you need a card lock for a few users or several hundred, we have a card access system to meet your specific requirements. Our systems are scaleable, so it will grow as you do. GoKeyless™ also offers proximity locks with the audit trail feature built in. Now you can retrieve a history of past entries for even better security with your new card access system.

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