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  • The 3 Best Locks for HOA Community Safety

    A neighborhood HOA considering ways to add keyless locks to the neighborhood for safety.

    Homeowners associations – love ’em or hate ’em, they’re an inevitable part of your existence if you live in a neighborhood that is governed by one of them. While many homeowners would gladly debate the usefulness of the finer points of their neighborhood covenants, one thing that is hardly ever up for debate is the need for robust security. Many HOA-governed communities (especially condominium complexes) have several common areas – e.g., a pool, fitness center, laundromat, clubhouse, etc. – that can be subject to unauthorized access or vandalism if they’re not adequately secured. For this reason, it’s a good idea to choose keyless locks in order to provide the highest level of protection for all residents. Below are 3 of the best locks out there to ensure optimal safety in an HOA community.

    1. Kaba Oracode 660K

    This is one of the most popular locks for people who own vacation rentals, condos or other properties that might fall under the omnipotent rule of an HOA. There are, in fact, many residential communities in which keyless locks are required by the HOA for security purposes. The Kaba Oracode 660K definitely fits the bill for this type of use, because it has been laboratory tested to meet stringent standards of strength, structural integrity and durability. It features a vandal-resistant keypad, and it is a completely sealed unit, which means that there are no electronic components that are exposed to the elements.

    For the “certification nerds” among us, it is useful to mention that the Oracode 660K meets ANSI A156.25 standards, which means that it has passed the test in terms of resisting corrosion due to rain, humidity, dust, and/or salt spray. Simply put, this lock is a beast – in fact, it has been shown to withstand extreme cold, tropical storms and even hurricanes. How’s that for rock-solid security?

    2. Lockey M210DC Double-Sided Keyless Deadbolt Lock

    There is some debate as to who exactly invented the double-sided deadbolt lock, but let’s just say that we’re glad they did. This type of lock really comes in handy for securing access points that can be easily compromised by reaching around to unlock the door from the inside, such as a pool gate or a door with glass sidelights.

    The Lockey M201DC is a mechanical double-sided keyless lock that offers you the ability to use two separate codes for each side of the lock. This means that you can establish the same code for both sides, or vary the codes if you wish – it’s totally up to you. It’s simple to operate as well – just punch in your access code and then turn the turn-piece in order to retract the deadbolt. After that, you’re home free! And in case you’re wondering, this lock is weatherproof as well, with an ultra-tough zinc alloy body that can withstand the elements like a boss.

    3. Kaba E-Plex E2031XSLL626

    Its model name is somewhat convoluted, but thankfully, its operation is really simple. The Kaba E-Plex is a perfect choice for securing various common areas such as a fitness center, pool house, laundromat, etc., because it enables you to establish and then issue out a code to community residents for secure access to those areas. You won’t have to worry about lost keys, borrowing keys or re-keying locks anymore! In addition, the lock is built for interior or exterior doors, so durability won’t be an issue either.

    Whether your HOA is considered to be a friend or foe, you can bet your bottom dollar that residents will appreciate having a safe place to live. Keep the above keyless locks in mind to ensure a greater level of security and peace of mind for your HOA community.