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    Medical staff walking through a hospital door with Trilogy Locks to keep staff, patients and patrons safe.

    Security and privacy are two vitally important issues facing the healthcare industry, and without having the proper equipment in place, medical facilities are vulnerable to a wide range of safety and liability problems. From protecting sensitive patient information to preventing unauthorized persons from gaining access to restricted areas, there are dozens of reasons to consider improving hospital security with the help of Trilogy keyless locks. Below are some important points that explain why integrating Trilogy locks into a hospital security management plan will produce a higher level of safety for hospital staff and patients.

    Protecting Sensitive Areas
    The average hospital contains several areas that require unique security considerations, such as the Emergency Room, Operating Room (Surgical Services), Pediatrics, Radiation Therapy, the Birthing Center (Labor & Delivery, Nursery, Maternity, etc.), Patient Records, Human Resources, and so forth. Without having a robust access control system in place, it can be easy for unauthorized persons to infiltrate sensitive areas.

    With a keyless lock such as the Trilogy T2 DL2800, you can eliminate the risky process of manually distributing and accounting for keys, not to mention the re-keying that has to happen when staffing changes take place. The DL2800 also offers Audit Trail capability, which allows you to keep track of every aspect of the lock’s activity, including who accessed a given area and when. Since you’re the one in control of assigning the access codes, you will also be able to thoroughly monitor personnel activity in and out of sensitive areas. This includes granting doctors and nurses access to areas that are off limits to non-medical personnel, and tracking which staff members are accessing private patient files. With a capacity of 40,000 date/time stamped events, the Audit Trail feature of the DL2800 takes the guesswork out of access control entirely.

    Medical Staff Management
    The Trilogy T2 DL2800 offers several helpful features that alleviate a lot of the headaches associated with medical staff management. You can create and grant access codes at the lock’s keypad or by way of your desktop PC using Trilogy’s integrated software program. Whether you need individual or group user codes, passage codes, management codes, master codes, or emergency/service codes, the DL2800 enables you to segment your codes as needed to grant different levels of access according to employee or contractor roles and responsibilities. Not only that, but you can also create precise lock/unlock times that will provide automatic access control for daily, weekly and/or holiday schedules. And you won’t have to worry about retooling your staff’s ID access badges that already work throughout the facility, as they can be seamlessly integrated with Trilogy locks such as the Trilogy PDL3000, PDL3500, and ETPDL.

    Protecting Valuable Assets
    Trilogy locks not only protect medical personnel and patients, but they are also an invaluable tool for guarding important assets such as patient records, medical supplies and expensive medical equipment. Installing Trilogy locks at key access points in areas such as shipping and receiving, confidential file rooms and supply closets can help prevent theft and ensure a greater level of security and managed access control.

    Whether you manage medical staff or you’re responsible for implementing a hospital’s security management plan, it’s not hard to see how Trilogy locks can make your job a lot easier. Consider making the switch to Trilogy keyless locks, so that your hospital can operate at a higher level of efficiency and security.

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