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    Securing your pool, garden, facility, or condo gate can be a challenge, especially when someone could easily reach through or over the gate and unlock it from the inside.

    GoKeyless has a solution for you. We offer a range of both keyless mechanical gate locks and keyless electronic gate locks, as well as keyless mechanical double sided locks, and keyless electronic double sided locks – to secure the gate from both sides. These high end gate locks, such as our 2210DC, 2230DC, and 2835DC by LOCKEY are weatherproof and perfect for rod iron fence gates, aluminum pool gates, and even chain link tennis court gates.

    Many times, in order to complete your new keyless gate lock setup, you will need our gate box accessory item to mount your lock to. We offer both the 12 guage heavy duty steel boxes as well as the aluminum boxes for Lockey products. For compatible mounting boxes with other lock products, simply add to your order at checkout. When you have a wooden fence, you can likely get by without the box, and simply mount your double sided keyless lock directly to the gate.

    When you have a garden gate, for example when the gate door shuts, there is still a sizeable gap between the edge of the gate door and the post that it need to lock onto, you’ll want to purchase either our 2200 or M220 surface mounted slide bar locks. These keyless locks come with a long rectangular deadbolt bar that is long enough to reach over the gap and lock into the post.

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    Lockey 2210DC Series Double Sided Combination Deadbolt Lock

    Lockey 2230DC Series Dual Sided Auto-locking Keyless Door Lock

    Lockey 2835DC Double Sided Pushbutton Lock – Satin Chrome

    Lockey 2200 Surface Mounted Bump Proof Lock

    Lockey M220 Surface Mounted Compact Digital Door Lock