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    While a cabinet is not designed to be a safe, it may as well be considering the types of documents and items placed in these storage apparatus. From filing cabinets, to overhead office and home cabinets, to gun cabinets, and medicine cabinets, the time for a safer and more accomodating locking device is now. There is no worse feeling than needing to get something out of the cabinet quickly and not being able to locate the keys, or opening the cabinet only to find what was suppose to be in there has vanished.

    Nearly all cabinets come supplied with a basic cam lock, which hooks into place on the interior side of the cabinet door. These regular style cam locks are operated with small keys, and constitute the simplest of lock fastenings. These types of locks are used because they virtually add no cost to the overall cabinet price. The problem is the potential liability, cost, and annoyance this setup leads to.

    Collectively, homeowners and businesses spend hundreds of millions each year on security systems to protect against an external threat. While important, it can’t be stated enough that any perimeter security strategy must dovetail with a plan to protect against an insider threat, and a plan to strengthen the security of interior cabinets.

    This is where keyless locks for cabinets are playing an increasing role. Keyless cabinet locks offer individuals and companies better control and high-security because they streamline the process for accessing the cabinets, and serve to defend against theft.

    In a residence, the applications for keyless locks for cabinets include gun cabinets, jewelry cabinets, home office overhead cabinets, garage cabinets, and bathroom medicine cabinets. The Simplex wood pushbutton cabinet lock, and the Codelocks CL1000, and new Codelocks Horizontal keyless cabinet lock and Codelocks Heavy-Duty CL1200 are well-tailored for these utilizations.

    At a healthcare institution, school, or commercial building or facility, the applications for keyless locks to be used on cabinets include medical cabinets, medical carts, personal lockers, office supply cupboards, IT enclosures, First Aid cabinets, key cabinets, tool carts, desk drawers, and hazardous material cupboards. Depending on how many personnel need access, we would recommend the Simplex C9602 for single code access on wood cabinets, and the Codelocks CL1000, and new Horizontal Codelocks CL1000 keyless cabinet locks for multi-code access control. CompX e-Lock keyless cabinet locks are an industrial-strength and robust access control solution offering functional and capacity advantages for any level of security required.

    Simplex C9602 Push Button Lock for Wood Cabinets & Drawers

    Codelocks KitLock KL1000 Vertical Electronic Cabinet Lock

    Codelocks KitLock KL1000 Horizontal Electronic Cabinet Lock

    KitLock KL1200 Heavy-Duty Electronic Keyless Cabinet Lock