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    From welcoming new and returning customers to accepting important deliveries, it’s important that your storefront door hardware is up for the challenge.

    For a secure, reliable storefront door, we’ve compiled a list of ten must-have commercial door parts that’ll ensure ease of use for your customers, employees, and vendors, while meeting all ADA regulations and egress codes and improving security for your building, employees and inventory.

    10 Must-Have Storefront Door Parts

    1. Door Closers

    No matter where your storefront is located, it’s difficult to manage keeping doors closed with continual door use and the strong winds of inclement weather. Door closers are reliable options for controlled closing of doors. Often using an above-door device with a hydraulic arm that attaches to the door, door closers can also help with energy efficiency, reducing the amount of heating and cooling that escapes.

    PDQ 5500—This door closer is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and requires minimal upkeep with its self-tuning and self-learning capabilities.

    2. Automatic Door Openers

    As a store owner, it’s important to consider the accessibility of your building. Automatic door openers are similar to door closers, except they can provide hands-free convenience with their automatic functionality to improve public access for all customers and meet ADA regulations.

    SDC Auto EntryControl™–This ADA-compliant automatic door opener offers hands-free point of entry door control. Pair this with the SDC Auto-IR, a presence sensor and door re-activator, that detects both moving and stationary objects within the swing path.

    3. Door Pulls

    Door pulls create easy access for anyone coming and going from your storefront. When selecting a door pull for your business, you want to select an option that’s easy to use and made from strong, durable materials, as it receives repetitive daily use.

    IVES 819018B—This 18-inch door pull works with left and right swing-style doors and is very easy to install, coming with mounting instructions. Its ergonomic, sleek design is as aesthetically pleasing as it is easy to use.

    4. Door Lock & Door Handle

    Your storefront door lock is your first line of defense to protect the security of your building, employees, inventory, etc. Most storefront doors use commercial deadlocks or deadlatches for their maximum security benefits, in combination with either exit paddle handles or traditional lever handles and a keyless lock to secure entry. At GoKeyless, we recommend Adams Rite door locks for their impressively durable options for store owners.

    Adams Rite 4900 Heavy Duty Deadlatch—This lock includes a bolt-holdback feature, allowing store owners the option to keep their door free swinging as their business needs. Pair this with your keyless door lock and either a push exit paddle or traditional handle that uses natural downward movements.

    Adams Rite MS1850S Deadlock—Its center ply is made with alumina-ceramic core for ultimate security against any hacksaw attack. Pair this with your keyless lock, and an interior thumbturn or deadbolt lever handle.

    5. Panic Bars

    Also known as exit touch bars or rim exit devices, panic bars are typically required in most highly occupied areas to meet emergency egress codes and ADA requirements. The bars are placed on the inside of an exterior exit door, allowing easy exit access in case of emergencies with a simple bump of the push bar. Some styles can also serve as alarmed exit devices that sound an alarm whenever the door has been opened, a great option for emergency-only exits.

    Arrow S1250-F—This exit-only bar works for both left or right swing-style doors and is ANSI/BHMA grade 1 certified to ensure it meets all emergency egress codes and ADA regulations. You can pair this panic bar with a keyless exit lock for access control on the external side of the door.

    6. Door Stops & Holders

    Door stops and door holders provide additional protection and flexibility. By installing a door stop, your swing-style door will hit the stopper before it has a chance to damage your wall, door, hardware, etc. For business flexibility and convenience, consider also installing any style door holder, so you can safely prop the door open whenever you need.

    IVES FS441—This heavy-duty door stop meets ANSI/BHMA certifications and provides effortless protection with a subtle forget-it’s-even-there design.

    IVES FS452—As far as door holders go, it doesn’t get easier to use than this kick down door holder, activated and released with a simple touch of the foot. It’s industrial-strength materials and replaceable-shoe option make this a reputable door holder.

    7. Removable Mullions

    Double-opening storefront doors can pose some challenges for store owners, especially for storefronts that receive continuous foot traffic. With two doors, it can be difficult for customers and delivery persons to know which door’s the exit and which is the entrance. Mullions are essentially center posts that divide the double doorway into two separate doors. By having a removable mullion in place, you make exiting and entering your building more efficient, while also allowing yourself the option to remove the mullion when expecting larger deliveries, etc.

    Von Durpin 4954—With an aluminum-powder-coat finish, this removable steel mullion is a weather resistant and durable option for creating single door performance in a double-opening doorway.

    8. Kick Plates

    Your storefront door gets a lot of traffic, and as people and vendors with hand trucks come and go, they inevitably kick or bump the door. Kick plates allow you to cover and protect the bottom of your door from all this normal wear and tear.

    IVES 8400—This kick protection plate is made from polyethylene substrate and is designed to keep the bottom of your door protected and looking new.

    9. Door Chime

    Depending on your unique store, you may wish to install a door chime or bell that signals when someone has activated the door, by entering or exiting. Adding a door chime to your storefront offers more than just a security alert; it allows your employees to do their jobs more efficiently, notifying them as soon as a new customer may need to be welcomed or assisted.

    Trine 240—This chime sounds when magnetic connectors on the door and frame separate as the door opens, and this model offers different sounds to signal use of two separate doors, so you’ll always know where and when someone enters and exits your store.

    10. Door Signs

    Depending on the type of storefront door you need, you may need to install proper signage. Clear signs for restrooms, handicap accessibility, exit identification, etc. help people safely navigate your store, especially in cases of emergencies. It’s important to opt for signage that has clear text and images and meets ADA regulations with braille.

    Cal-Royal CARSH69—This unisex accessible bathroom sign is ADA compliant with Grade 2 Braille.

    Outfit Your Storefront Door at GoKeyless!

    At GoKeyless, we offer a variety of security solutions and commercial products to help keep your storefront, employees, and inventory secure. With products like keyless door locks and commercial door parts, we’re confident we have a solution for your unique storefront. To browse our innovative products, visit our GoKeyless website, or for more information and personalized assistance, contact our security experts to find the right storefront door hardware for your business today!