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  • What Is a Key Fob System?

    Key Fob Systems

    Many of us are already familiar with the benefits of a key fob system to unlock our vehicles, enter underground parking garages, or access our favorite 24/7 gym facilities. Key fobs allow us the freedom to forgo the hassle of searching for the right key, which only wastes time and often leaves us vulnerable to our outside surroundings.

    Unlike traditional dead-bolt locks, a key fob security system allows you to assign individual codes to your team members, so you always know who is in the building, when they enter, and what rooms they can access. Whether your business sells products or stores essential client data, you can rest assured knowing your company’s (and your clients’) assets are secure and restricted from unapproved personnel and outside traffic.

    Why Choose a Key Fob System for Your Business?

    Installing a key fob security system will allow you and your team to enjoy the following benefits:

    • Quality Control: Because key fob door lock systems allow you to assign different employees individual codes, you can easily restrict or allow access to certain areas of your building and/or office.
    • As mentioned earlier, this allows you to know who is in the building and when. And this may also come in handy if you need to terminate an individual’s employment. You can immediately change the access code on the individual’s account, so he or she is unable to enter the building following dismissal.
    • Improved Employee Security:By allowing your team building access via key fobs, you’re ensuring their security inside and outside of your building.
    • For example, if employees need to work later at night, they can quickly access your building in less time, rather than standing outdoors searching for their keys, where they might be more susceptible to sudden attacks or intruders.
    • Minimize Unnecessary Risk Factors:One building key is enough to worry about, but image duplicates of the same key being made, getting lost, and falling into the wrong hands. Though you continuously remind employees not to make duplicates of their building keys, this type of situation does occur.
    • Installing a key fob security system eliminates this risk instantly, so even if your employee does lose a fob, he or she can immediately report back to you, and you can immediately change access restrictions, thereby avoiding a potential breach of security.

    Best Commercial Smart Locks from GoKeyless

    Looking to enhance the security of your office or retail space? GoKeyless offers a vast assortment of card readers, key fobs, and other smart locks to suit your business’ needs, as well as protect your employees and company assets:

    • TRILOGY NETWORX PDL6100: Wireless Networking Prox/PIN Lock: Ideal for small-to-midsize businesses, this stand-alone, affordable keyless entry system can support up to 5,000 users via 3-6-digit PINs or HID prox cards. This security device is also equipped with an access control system, so in the event of a security breach, you can quickly execute a network wide lockdown/unlock command that allows you to track and control who gets access and to where.
    • SCHLAGE CO-200: Prox Lock with Digital Keypad: Forget the pocket-key routine. Schlage CO-200 can accommodate up to 500 users and reads 125kHz cards/fobs. The secure entry system allows up to three methods for restricting access, which include PIN only, card only, and PIN + card for the highest security. By switching to these locks, you’ll be able to easily add and delete users instantly, which can help you save money from cutting new keys or re-key your cylinders when an employee leaves or is dismissed.
    • SCHLAGE NDE: Wireless RFID Card Lock: Featuring both built-in Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® capabilities, Schlage NDE enables wireless configuration from any smart device and provides automatic daily updates (once every 24 hours) that are sent directly from the host software. Compatible with most proximity, Schlage fobs, Schlage smart cards, this system was developed specifically for business owners who are ready to upgrade their security and efficiency operations, without the hassle of drilling holes or wiring.

    Make the Switch to GoKeyless

    At GoKeyless, we offer a variety of security solutions for businesses of every size and industry, including commercial keyless door locks and key fob security systems. Browse our commercial security products on our website, or contact us today to discuss your business’s security needs with one of our experts.