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    The official start of Winter is a few weeks away, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of thrill seekers and early ski hounds to head for America’s top mountain getaways. As any mountain vacation rental or condo owner will tell you, bring on the snow and cold! Of as much importance to business as giving great service, an uncooperative Mother Nature however isn’t the only thing that can send chills up the spine of today’s condo owner.

    If this is you, we’re sure you are all to familiar with the rigmarole of getting keys to your guests. Until now this has always been done one of two ways. Sending the keys through the mail, or relying on a local property management company to distribute them. The first method is outright unreliable, and makes for a hassle once your guest departs and you need the keys back, or need to get them to the next renter. The second option is better, but its yet another expense, and inconvenient.

    Your guests typically have to take a circuitous route to their destination, typically driving many minutes out of the way, when they wish they could go straight to the condo. But even more, both ways are outright dangerous. When keys are out of your hands they can be copied, and then used for an illicit purpose against you, causing your business, and guests, unimaginable harm. Despite the known risks, vacation rental owners have generally foregone a new access control solution, and it’s hard not to blame them. These systems can run into the thousands. Times are changing though. During the last couple of years, technology has surfaced to make rental management easier, safer, more convenient, and more affordable than ever. New wireless locks by Schlage, Kwikset, and Yalelet condo owners control access to their mountain vacation home without the need for keys, without the need of a property manager, and without the expense of a conventional access control system.

    These wireless locks retrofit an existing keyed lock, setup in minutes, and grant access with a security code you can change wirelessly from your smart phone or internet connected computer. The only equipment needed to make it work is a high speed internet connection at your condo, your new wireless lock, and a controller. Schlage offers Schlage Connect, a bundled kit, which includes your lock, controller (bridge), and module to remotely turn on/off interior table lamps or lights. Kwiksetand Yale offer wireless remote control locks, compatible with VeraEdge controller. It’s your mountain condo business, and it may be your renters only vacation this year. Wireless locks ensure the best possible outcome for the both of you.

    SCHLAGE Connect BE469NX Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

    Yale YRD226 ZWave Remote Touchscreen – Bright Brass

    Z-Wave Plug-in Light Module

    VeraEdge Home Controller