Lockey 2835DC

Double-Sided Mechanical Keyless Lever Lock


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SKU: 2835DC
  • All mechanical double-sided combination cylindrical latchbolt lock.  No batteries or wires necessary.  Plunger bolt to prevent jimmying or knifing of the latch
  • Auto-locking with passage feature.  To set passage function, (door latches shut but stays unlocked) simply enter your secret code and then enter the (Y) button.  The lock will remain in the passage mode until you press the (Y) button followed by the (C) button.
  • ADA compliant access
  • Code can be 3-5 characters in length (a code with more or less characters requires a Tumbler Pack – sold separately at checkout)
  • To enter, punch in code, push down on lever handle and open
  • To lock when exiting simply shut the door behind you.  It auto re-locks
  • Weatherproof performance and durability
  • Bump-proof security
  • Door thickness:  Fits doors 1 3/16″ ~ 2 5/32″ thick (extension kits available at checkout for doors up to 5″ thick)
  • Backset:  Adjustable
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty Guaranty

This all mechanical dual-sided lock can be used to begin a new keyless entry system or expand an existing one.  When you free yourself from keys you completely eliminate the hassle of having to deal with them.  Everyone knows keys just get lost or misplaced – who hasn’t bellowed “where are my keys!”

What if you could always have your key on you.  Get the 2835-DC today and you will.  It lets you program in a secret pass-code that you, your family, or your employees can all use.  Your time (and money!) will never again be wasted looking for your keys, or waiting to be let back in.  How secure is it?  Put it this way, your existing locks that lend themselves to key-bumping, and unlocked or propped open doors, are hardly keeping you safe.

Your current locks – because of keys – are a risk.  A new lock like the 2835-DC is 100% bump-proof.  There is no key hole. What if it fails?  It won’t.  This lock is the result of 30+ years of functional testing.  It doesn’t fail.  There are no secret techniques you can use on the push-buttons to ‘knock’ the lock open or determine its cipher.

Well chronicled in security and law enforcement circles is the fact that the majority of crimes – resulting in theft, injury, or even death – are crimes of opportunity.  A door that is not always locked, or that can be bumped open invites crime. Customizing your access with innovative door hardware like the 2835-DC is a prescription for security success.

Where can this lock be used?  Typically on gates, and openings where access must be controlled on both sides of the door, such as in a jetway, healthcare facility, or on a residence door that has sidelight panels.  Families with special needs children or parents with Alzheimer’s, may also find a two-sided lock like the 2835-DC helpful to prevent wandering.

From the inside you can set it to the same pass-code you use for entry, or a different one.  There is even a passage feature built-in.  This is useful for when you don’t want everyone to have to put in their code.  At the touchpad you can quickly change the lock’s function from normal, to hold-open mode.  The door will latch shut, but not lock.  This will come in handy at your next office party when you have your clients and vendors in.  Also great for your kids’ birthdays so you don’t have to give out the code to the parents and their kids.

Use the 2835-DC to upgrade your key in knob or key in lever locks.  When you have a deadbolt above your knob, we recommend replacing the deadbolt with the Lockey 2210DC.  For situations where you need the door to auto-lock each time, you could remove your deadbolt altogether, and then use a cover plate behind the 2835-DC.  The plate will cover up the hole left by your deadbolt.  To meet codes, the levers on both sides are full-size and comply with the American’s Disability Act.  The levers cannot be forced or kicked off.

Installation on common doors won’t take you any longer than vacuuming out your car – and about the same amount of effort.  Requiring only one extra screw hole, you’ll be able to show off your new keyless entry the day the lock arrives.  Should you be installing on an exterior door, you won’t need to worry about the elements.  Heavy rain, snow or ice won’t phase it.  Extreme warm or cold has no effect.  Even a highly concentrated salt-air ocean environment won’t cause it to lose its form or function.

GoKeyless is a trained and authorized Lockey® dealer. Sales, service, and support. It's why thousands of clients around the world choose GoKeyless™ for their security and access control needs each year.


1 5/8 (W) x 5 1/2 (H) x 2 1/4 (D) in.

Total Coverage with Trim Plates

2 1/2 (W) x 6 1/2 (H) x 2 1/4 (D) in.

ADA Lever Dimensions

4 (W) x 1 (H) in.

Door Thickness Minimum

1 3/16 in.

Door Thickness Maximum

2 5/32 in.

Code Length

3 to 5 Characters

Code Capacity



Zinc-plated Steel



Door Handing


Door Prep

Standard 2 1/8 in. Cross-Bore, Edge Bore: 1 in.

Door Stile Width

Minimum 3 in.



Latch Bolt

1/2 in. throw





Handle Type


Lock Features

Double Sided, Passage Mode

Locking Device

Cylindrical Latch

Door Opening


Access Type

Keypad – Digits




6 lbs


Lifetime Manufacturer

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38 reviews

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Pretty smooth installation. Works as indicated.

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  2. Rated 3 out of 5
    I have a Mixed Review

    Judge Bellamak (verified owner)

    The latch did not work smoothly and the spindle became bent while trouble shooting. After many emails with your service tech (Ryan), we discovered the problem and a new latch and spindle were mailed to me. All working now. There is a lot of play in the operation of the handle. It feels like it could be forced open (when locked) which could bend the delicate spindle again.

    I want to commend service tech Ryan for helping me trouble shoot the problem and quickly send me the needed replacement parts.

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  3. Rated 5 out of 5
    Good but could be better


    Wish they would have manufactured it to be replaceable in a standard cylindrical prep hole. You can make it work but it’s not great. Other than that seems to work great.

    (0) (0)

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  4. Rated 5 out of 5
    So far I love the locks

    Rita (verified owner)

    I needed the locks for heavily (few times a day) used security gates. So far the locks have been working great. They were reasonably easy to install, which I did by myself. I only needed to hire a welder to attach the gate box and the strike plate, and he did that in only a couple of hours.

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  5. Rated 5 out of 5
    Great product!

    Nick Agudo (verified owner)

    Easy to install and change the code using the pins. Great function for a simple mechanical lock and feels solid and well made.

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  6. Rated 5 out of 5
    Excellent Lock

    John Cote ~ Bay Area Fence Factory (verified owner)

    We install 2835 Double sided locks in commercial, residential and municipal projects for the past seven years.
    We have used them with wood gates on metal frames, vinyl gates as well as aluminum gates.
    No warranty issues. it a great lock.
    Bay Area Fence Factory

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  7. Rated 5 out of 5
    Excellent product and service

    Michael Elmer (verified owner)

    This is an excellent lock system for my outside wrought iron gate. Lock allows gate code access from both sides of the gate. In addition, Adam provided excellent service in discussing the product and advised me I needed the additional box part for the outside gate. No batteries, code was preset, works perfect every time.

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  8. Rated 5 out of 5
    Excellent Entry Device

    Steve Harville (verified owner)

    GK site easy to use. The product was represented accurately, and arrived on time. I used this keyless lock on main entrance door to secure home to keep a dementia patient (flight risk) from escaping. I removed the “Y” tumbler from to inside to prevent the “free exit” from accidentally being left on. Works perfectly, eliminates the need to carry a key around. We use a double sided keyed deadbolt on the other entrance doors.

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  9. Rated 2 out of 5
    Not that great

    Romain Lefevre

    I am not impressed with this product. For an outdoor product, these are way too sensitive to my liking. I installed 3 of them for a tennis club this summer and I have had to go back 3 times already because they are having issues. The pen gets stuck if the lock is on too tight, there is enough play in the handles to open the gate without pushing in the code and, if you push down on the handles hard enough, they pop down and are now stuck at a 90 degree angle from where they should be.

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  10. One person found this helpful

    Rated 5 out of 5
    REALLY great, and a good value. Don't hesitate.

    Shannon Zaller (verified owner)

    It took us forever to find a double sided lock for our gate (we have a gated vestibule in a downtown area), and we needed a lock that could be safe from both sides, so passersby wouldn’t be able to reach around and open the door. We also were happy that this lock was not dependent on batteries, AND that our blind 7 year old son could easily unlock it (many new locks lack physical buttons that a blind person needs). This lock hit all the high points, it wasn’t difficult to install, and the handle opens smoothly.

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Customer Questions & Answers

  1. Answered by the admin

    Yes, you can set one side or the other to passage and keep the other side locked. 

  2. Answered by the admin

    Yes, you can change the code at any time by removing the lock from the door and changing the pin code tumblers. It typically takes about five to ten minutes to change the code depending on your setup. 

  3. Answered by the admin

    Yes, 2835DCJB - Jet Black

  4. Answered by the admin

    Yes, it is set to auto lock everytime the door closes, unless, you choose to use the passage feature which will turn off the auto locking and allow the door to remain unlocked. 

  5. Answered by the admin

    Yes, for use with this lock and metal gates we recommend the K-BXDIG23. Make sure to choose the steel option in the drop-down menu on the page. 

  6. Answered by the admin

    Yes, as long as you do not use the passage feature the gate will always lock whenever it closes. 

  7. Answered by the admin
    The nice thing about this lock is there is not a need to know the throw of the latch as this lock has a specific gate box designed for it already. You only need to add the lock to your cart and the gate box will be listed below as an accessory item to purchase. You can also find it here on our website as it is the K-BXDIG23. You only need to choose if you need Steel or Aluminum when you purchase the gate box. 
  8. Answered by the admin A standard drill and Phillips head screwdriver is used to install this lock. The lock will fit on a standard residential door with a 2 1/8" inch bored hole.

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