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    Optional Remote Activation Kit

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    Adams Rite

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    • Plug and play option for remote control of Adams Rite eForce-150
    • Designed to be installed in conjunction with a momentary (normally open) switch, which when person on interior recognized authorized person at door, switch button can be pressed to activate eForce lock
    • Push button activates the eForce-150
    Adams Rite

    For applications that require remote control of the 3090 eForce-150, Adams Rite is offering a kit that will combine the security of the eForce-150 and the convenience of remote access. The RSK-3090 is a plug and play option that will connect to the PC board on the back of the unit. The RSK-3090 is designed to be installed in conjunction with a momentary (normally open) switch. A typical application for the RSK-3090 is from an interior desk, console or wall mounted switch that is in view of the opening. When a person on the interior recognizes an authorized person approaching the door for entry, they simply depress the pushbutton which activates the eForce-150.


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