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    Web-Based Access Management Software

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    Click your way through property management! This web-based access management software gives you 24/7 control of your property’s access points in a convenient and easy to use system. Quickly configure profiles with distinct roles and access credentials for your residents, staff and vendors remotely from your computer or mobile device. Know who is accessing your property and when with advanced auditing and reporting features.

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    • The next generation access management software solution specifically developed for multihousing operations
    • Empowers property managers to intuitively authenticate and manage authorization throughout the entire property providing security, convenience and operational efficiency
    • Web-based access from a desktop computer, laptop or mobile device while on the property’s network
    • Property configuration and access management of residents, staff and vendors can be programmed remotely, at any time, 24/7
    • Integrates with third-party systems and solutions developers for Energy Management, ioT, Resident Portal Apps, and more

    Convenient Mobile Access for Residents

    • Offers the convenience of both RFID credential and mobile access for a seamless technology experience with no need for additional software
    • Allows residents the option of using their smart device for entry to all-access points
    • Key delivery platform issues and authenticates mobile credentials through BlueSky, our mobile access app


    • Compatible with dormakaba RFID electronic locks – including the Nova-D deadboltIlco 79 series, and Saffire series locks
    • SR Series, Quantum RFID RCU/ECU readers and multi-floor controller
    • Suitable for small to large-scale multi-site properties


    • Mobile credential delivery system
    • Integrates with energy management systems, resident portal apps, and more
    • Easily configurable resident and staff roles and rights
    • Advanced lock auditing and reporting capabilities
    • Integrates with hotel reservation software
    • Supports key encoding either through Community server or client PC that integrates with Community server
    • Windows server and local workstation configuration required


    • Community software
    • 2 dormakaba RFID encoders
    • Lock programming and auditing unit


    dormakaba’s Community access management software is a time and resource-saving multiplatform solution for multi-housing operations. Accessed remotely from a computer or mobile device connected to your property’s network, Community let’s you and your property managers configure profiles for residents, staff, and vendors, as well as their access credentials without having to physically visit a lock. For example, program scheduled permissions for staff so they can only access areas during their working shift, or create custom vendor credentials to only allow access to certain residences a specific number of times, for deliveries and other services.

    View, print and download audit reports to see which property keys and access points are being used and when. Lock and user information history reports can then be used to identify a breach in the event of a theft or other crime. Build and manage your property through Community by defining buildings, floors and elevators and their access points such as common areas, meeting rooms, laundry rooms, etc. and categorize them for quick identification. Integrates with existing energy management systems, resident portal apps, hotel reservation software and more for complete property control.


    Manufacturer dormakaba USA Inc.
    Operating System Microsoft Windows 10
    Brand dormakaba

    Door requirements



    Workstation Hardware Requirements

    CPU – 2nd-generation Core i5 (2GHz+), 3rd/4th-generation Core i5 processor, or equivalent or faster
    RAM – 8gb
    Disk Drive Free Space – 50mb
    Network Controller – Gigabit Ethernet 1Gb/second or more
    Workstation Software Requirements

    Operating System – Microsoft Windows
    Supported Browsers
    Microsoft Explorer v11 (requires special settings)
    Google Chrome (latest)
    Microsoft Edge (latest)
    Recommended Resolution – 1366 x 768 or greater
    Server Hardware Requirements

    CPU – 2GHz/64-bit/quad core or faster
    RAM – 8gb/64-bit or more
    Disk Drive Free Space – 30GB (additional free space may be required depending on database backup and archiving settings)
    Network Controller – Gigabit Ethernet 1Gb/second or more
    Server Software Requirements

    Operating System
    Microsoft Windows Server, 2012 R2 Standard (English only) – Suitable for larger and small scale applications
    Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise (English only) – Use for small scale implementations only (recommended maximum of 1,000 access points and two encoders)
    Supported Browsers
    Microsoft Explorer v11 (requires special settings)
    Google Chrome (latest)
    Microsoft Edge (latest)
    Recommended Resolution – 1366 x 768 or greater
    Database – SQL Server Express 2014 or SQL Server 2014

    BlueSky Access

    BlueSky Access is available for operators with limited resources to develop an app or those who simply want to evaluate our mobile access solution. BlueSky Access app is available to download on both iOS and Android smart devices and can be deployed across any property to create a simplified guest experience, while also streamlining hotel operations.

    Capable of being deployed across multiple properties
    Ilco/Saflok BLE enabled RFID locks seamlessly integrated
    Flexible, scalable and sustainable with comprehensive service and support programs
    Technical Data
    The BlueSky app includes dormakaba’s SDK (Software Development Kit), developed and secured by LEGIC Connect, renowned globally for highly-secure communication and identification.

    Ilco and Saflok Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled RFID locks allow access to authorized users simply by placing their mobile device with the BlueSky app near the RFID reader. The BLE module reads the BlueSky access key, communicates with the property management network, and determines whether the unique, encrypted code conveyed by the mobile device is on an approved “pass” list. Once confirmed, access is allowed, and the event is recorded for audit purposes.

    dormakaba’s Ilco and Saflok Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled electronic locks are the foundation for the transition to BlueSky mobile access.

    Once the BlueSky app has been downloaded, guests are able to receive their room key on their smart device allowing access to authorized areas throughout the hotel property: guestrooms, perimeter access points and common areas. Upon arrival, they can bypass the front desk and go straight to their room.