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    dormakaba E-Plex E5270

    DIY Stand-Alone Access Controller

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    E-Plex Wireless and E-Plex


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    • 1/5 the price of conventional systems
    • A new standard in access controllers - no need for a separate door control module
    • Three Operating Modes: PIN/card access, passage (can be toggled on/off or pre-programmed to re-lock after certain number of hours), and lockout mode
    • Supports Up To 3000 Users with Required Software:Pass-codes can be 4-8 digits in length (high security with over 100 million possible combinations)
    • Designed to work with most electric door hardware, including electric door strikes or maglocks
    • Perimeter entry doors, healthcare and office corridor openings, dual-swing doors, parking gates, glass doors, etc...
    • Network and PC Programming (offline): Requires laptop/netbook (mini-laptop) and E-Plex Enterprise Implementation Kit (sold separately at checkout)
    • Audible and Visual Programming Indicators; visual tamper indicator
    • Five authority levels lets you control who can do what
    • Establish timed determined access for users/groups of users (16 schedules may be programmed into reader, and up to 32 holiday/vacation blocks)
    • See who entered and when with audit trail feature (reader unit stores last 30,000 events)
    • Tamper-switch circuitry in E-Plex 5270 housing prevents unauthorized entry if unit is attacked or removed from mounting plate
    • Vandal resistant, solid metal pushbuttons
    • 70% reduction in installation time
    • Reader unit is pre-drilled for easy mounting directly onto nearby wall, or using a single gang box
    • Alarm shunt output for interfacing with fire alarms or alarm security systems (certain access credentials when presented can turn off the building alarm)
    • Power Input: 25 VDC max regulated into Power Interface Unit (PIU)
    • Non-volatile memory; user and lock data retained in event of loss of power
    • Multiple architectural finishes including standard satin chrome (626) and premium finishes. Premium finishes may be subject to 2-3 week lead time
    • 3-year manufacturer warranty from date of install; memory has a built-in warranty counter

    The right look.  The right functionality.  Why spend hours tracking down un-returned keys and issuing new ones when you could be controlling access electronically from your computer with this high security keypad entry system.  The next time someone leaves, you won't have to call to have the locks changed.  Bringing on new people?  You can add them to the door in seconds.  You can't beat the convenience and time saving features a keyless entry system provides.  And since this solution is not online, you won't have to worry about interruptions in performance, or break the bank putting it in.  Importantly, all of the access control features you want, including entry tracking, centralized management, scheduled access, and authority levels, are self-contained within the E-Plex E5270's access control board which comes pre-mounted in a protective metal enclosure.  Just add your power supply and your access control system is complete.  Using the E-Plex Enterprise Implementation Kit (sold separately at checkout)you can easily maintain control over access in small commercial retail concerns to larger office buildings.

    GoKeyless™ is a factory trained and authorized dormakaba dealer. Sales, service, support, valid warranties. It's why thousands of clients around the world choose GoKeyless™ for their security and access control needs each year.


    Manufacturer dormakaba USA Inc.
    Power 12/24 VDC
    Warranty 3 Year Manufacturer
    Reader Type Keypad
    Brand E-Plex Wireless

    Door requirements


    Code Length 4 to 8 Digits
    Code Capacity 3,000


    Dimensions 6 (H) x 3 (W) x 1 7/16 (D) in.
    Weight 5.26 lbs