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    Rhodes Lever
    The Schlage AD-200 is a single source, adaptable, and scalable security solution for addressing your current and future credential needs. With a one platform, modular design, Schlage AD 200 locks are completely unique. You can bring access control to any door, and have instant compatibility with all forms of credential types. The only change you'll make is with the module/reader.

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    • Heavy-duty, ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 electronic offline lock system; Leads in independent third-party testing
    • Users:  Up to 5,000
    • Upgradeable — Lock can be upgraded to new credential reader and/or migrated to networked solution without removing lock from the door. Reader options; MSK Magnetic stripe (swipe) + keypad, magnetic stripe (swipe), MGK magnetic stripe (insert) + keypad, MG magnetic stripe (insert), MT multi-technology | proximity & smart card, and MTK multi-technology + keypad | proximity & smart card.  Note:  Multi-technology readers require Schlage SMS Select software
    • Legal entry by PIN code; codes may be 3-6 digits in length
    • Eliminates functional deficits of traditional mechanical lock systems
    • Manual & PC Programming — By fingertip at the keypad, or via your Computer*.*Computer programming requires Schlage SMS Express software, and Handheld Device (HHD) (sold separately).  User data, lock configuration files upload to lock via HHD
    • Installs with drill and screwdriver into wood/metal door prepped for cylindrical latch
    • Audit Trail:  Connect HHD to the lock to report on prior 5,000 events that allow you to track usage and events using Schlage SMS access control software
    • Report on mechanical key usage and battery status
    • Auto-locking classroom/storeroom cylindrical lockset; Lockset is normally secure. Inside lever always allows free egress. Valid toggle credentials on the exterior may be used to change to a passage or secured status
    • Set up to 8 unlock, and time zone schedules, as well as 32 holiday
    • 1st Person-in:  Restricts users from gaining access — even if door is set on timed unlock — prior to entry of an individual (typically supervisor/manager) with the 1st person-admittance rights
    • Sparta style lever
    • Fits left and right swing doors
    • Step-by-step easy to follow installation and operating manual included
    • Mechanical key override using 6-Pin Schlage standard cylinder (compatible with multiple cylinder types).  You may select a different lever cylinder type, including less standard Schlage cylinder, or IC (Inter-changeable Core) cylinder prep
    • Visual/Audible Communications: Tri-colored LED’s & audible indicators (field
    •  configurable)
    • System Interface: Handheld Device
    • Accessories: Handheld Device (HHD), Schlage SMS software

    †Auditing, scheduling, and access control features require software

    Schlage takes the pain out of keeping up with evolving credentialing and access control requirements with this next wave of electronic locks.  With a one platform, modular design, Schlage AD 200 locks are completely unique.  They give you a single source, adaptable, and scalable security solution for addressing your current and future credential needs.  You'll always be prepared for a credential change, and be able to do it at the lowest possible cost.  When you put a Schlage AD lock on your door, it's never coming off.  The only change you'll make is with the module/reader.  You can bring access control to any door, and have instant compatibility with all forms of credential types.  UL294 listed to meet safety standards for access control, mechanically based on the proven Schlage ND-Series & L-Series, and complying with ANSI/BHMA requirements for Grade 1 certifications, this Schlage AD-200 keypad model withstands heavy use, lasts longer, and helps you abide by building codes should your state regulations change, or your facility be inspected.  Beyond the impressive quality of these locks, one of the best design elements Schlage incorporates is the ability to interact with the lock using the HHD and security management software.  The HHD is a hand-held device for managing your authorized users lists, door schedules, and access rights.  Any time there's a personnel change, adjustment to an employee's schedule, or you expand AD-200 coverage, you can get it done with no waiting, less headaches, and less expense.  The HHD and software combination also lets you interrogate your locks.  This gives you valuable information for getting to the bottom of a situation.  When everyone knows your locks are capable of tracking, the threat of crime goes down, accountability goes up, and it makes your environment more secure.  This increased trust level creates an atmosphere where people can be most productive.  What's more, your new AD200 contains integrated functionality.  Now you can network your opening without needing to take the lock off the door, change out your door hardware, or add edge devices.  The status monitors for networked access control exist within the lock.  You'd simply add a new communications module, and flash the lock with the HHD.  Intelligent security and smart convenience are a valued asset in today's world across many different markets, including healthcare, K-12, higher education, Government, multi-family, and commercial.  A workplace where owners and staff feel more secure, is a workplace where everyone can thrive.  While there's no requirement you refer to your new Schlage AD-200 as Optimus Prime, you will come to know it as a force for good throughout your organization. 

    Did You Know? Schlage CO and AD locks are the first electronic locks to be UL (Underwriter's Laboratory) 294 certified.  This is a tougher certification to obtain, as it tests the electronics, not just the mechanical components.  Tests for accelerated aging, corrosion resistance, destructive attack, temperature, humidity, and rain are performed.  By meeting UL 294 standards, Schlage locks give you more reliability, and preserve your investment.


    Manufacturer Allegion
    ANSI Rating A156.25, Grade 1 (Best)
    Battery Type 4 AA
    BHMA Rating A156.25, Grade 1 (Best)
    Finish Satin Chrome, Aged Bronze
    Lock Features Old Audit Trail, Passage Mode, Scheduling, Timed Codes
    Solution Electronic
    Voltage 4VDC to 26VDC
    Handle Type Lever Handle Door Locks
    Reader Type Keypad
    Less Reader
    Access Type Key
    Keypad - Digits
    Locking Device Cylindrical Latch
    Brand Schlage

    Door requirements

    Battery Life 2 Years
    Door Prep Standard 2 1/8 in. Cross-Bore, Through-Bolt Hole(s)


    Code Capacity 5,000
    Key Override Best IC, Sargent IC, Standard Cylinder, Schlage IC, Less Cylinder
    Scanning Time ≤ 1 sec.


    Exterior Dimensions 9.46 (H) x 3.44 (W) x 3.67 (D) in.
    Certifications ADA, FCC Part 15, UL 10C, UL 294
    Exterior Dimensions 9.46 (H) x 3.44 (W) x 3.67 (D) in.