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  • Touchless Entry Kit by SDC

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    Open the way, effortlessly! The Touchless Entry Kit provides automatic, touch-less access for your entrances. This kit is ideal for applications such as healthcare facilities, schools, public bathrooms and other areas where universal access is the deciding factor.

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    This bundle includes (1) SDC AUTO EntryControl Low Energy Swing Automatic Door Operator, (2) SDC 474U Touchless Wave-to-Exit Switches

    Touchless Entry Kit with ADA Compliance by SDC available

    SDC AUTO EntryControl Low Energy Swing Door Operator

    • Plug N Play Access Control System Installation
    • Easy Installation
    • Single Button, Self-Tuning Setup
    • Momentary Pull
    • Power-Close Option
    • ADA Compliant handicap and automatic door opener
    • Complies with ANSI A 156.19
    • UL – Certified for use as fire door operators (3 hour rating)
    • Self-Tuning, Self-Learning
    • Minimum 5 seconds from close to open
    • Stays open for 5 seconds
    • Force: 15 lbs -6.8 kg
    • Push or Pull (In door, Out swing)
    • Activation: Knowing Act via Card Reader/Keypad, or REX switch
    • Optional Safety Device, Auto-IR Presence Sensor and Door Re-Activator
    • Power: 1A, 100W
    • Aluminum color, dark bronze may be special ordered POA
    • Extremely Quiet Operation

    SDC 474U Touchless Wave-to-Exit Switch

    • Uses IR Sensor technology; device is active with the simple wave of a hand
    • Designed to control electric locks/strikesmagnetic locks, or automatic door operators
    • Ideal for use in sanitary applications such as cleanrooms, bathrooms, food processing, hospitals and labs
    • Sensing Range up to 4 in. (10cm)
    • Mounted on a durable stainless steel plate
    • Dual LED, illuminated sensor, Red/Green indicates Inactive/Active status
    • Quick connect screw-less terminal block for easy installation

    474U Specs

    • Input: 25mA (standby); 55mA (Active) @ 12/24VDC
    • Output: 2-SPDT, 3 Amp Dry Contact
    • Activation Time:  5 seconds or as long as sensor is triggered
    • LED Color:  Standby RED; Active Green
    • Range:  4 in. (10cm)
    • Weight:  3 oz. (85g)
    • Dimensions:  4.5 in. x 2.75 in. x 1.375 in. (115 x 70 x 35mm)

    How many times have you seen someone walk out of a bathroom without washing their hands? Blow their nose before opening the door to a store or restaurant? Cough all over the place while walking in or out of a public building? No more! The Touchless Entry Kit by SDC provides handsfree door access for your entrances, allowing employees, guests and visitors to enter and exit without physically touching a door or handle. Let’s face it, no matter how much you clean your doors and handles or how good your employees practice proper hand hygiene, keeping these common public touch points sanitized is a constant battle. Reduce health risks, improve overall hygiene, and have some extra piece of mind by switching to touchless entry system.

    This kit is ideal for applications such as healthcare facilities, schools, public restrooms and other areas where universal access is the deciding factor. This kit includes the SDC AUTO EntryControl Low Energy Swing Automatic Door Operator and two SDC 474U Touchless Wave-to-Exit Switches.


    Manufacturer Security Door Controls
    Brand SDC

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