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  • Aeotec ZWA012 Window Sensor 7 Pro

    Z-Wave Plus Open/Close Sensor

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    Your first line of defense. The Aeotec ZWA012 Door/Window Sensor 7 Pro lets you know every time your door or window opens or closes. Connect to your Z-Wave Plus hub and other smart devices to create automated scenes.

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    • Door and window sensor monitors contact between two objects
    • Easily installs on a door or window and the adjoining frame with tape or screws
    • Z-Wave Plus 700 series wireless technology
    • Connect to your Z-Wave smart hub and other Z-Wave devices
    • Works with BeHome247Ezlo, and Nexia Z-Wave controllers
    • Get alerts on your phone when a door or window is opened or closed
    • Create scenes that trigger off the sensor sending a signal, such as smart lights automatically turning on when the door is opened
    • Designed with minimal profile – 40% smaller than previous generation
    • Max 20mm distance between sensor and window
    • Indoor installation only

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    Often when there’s a door or window left open, the only way you know is seeing it up close, or arriving home to find your residence broken into, your valuables stolen, or a loved one hurt. Families with a child’s bedroom above the first floor constantly check to ensure windows are closed to prevent a fall. With this Z-Wave sensor you can verify the status of a bedroom window even when you’re not home. Others of us don’t want to pay the monthly fees for a centrally monitored alarm system. By placing these sensors at access points into your home, you know in an instant if a door or window is opened. The alert comes via email or text message on your smart phone. This Z-wave door / window contact sensor is an invaluable device for protecting your family, but it’s more than that. It integrates into a Z-wave network, allowing you to trigger events, and setup sequencing. For instance, you may want the living room lamp to illuminate when the front door is opened, a table lamp to come on when the back door is opened, or your Z-wave camera to start recording the moment this door / window contact separates, so you can see who or what caused the opening. Pair this Z-Wave door / window sensor with the BeHome247, Ezlo Plus, or Nexia Z-Wave controllers and you can utilize the latest in home automation technology to check the open/close state of your windows and doors, stay in control of your residence from anywhere, and make the remote security of an automated home a reality.


    Manufacturer Aeotec
    Battery Type 1/2 AA
    Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer
    Brand Aeotec

    Door requirements

    Battery Life 2 Years


    Wireless Protocol Z-Wave Plus
    Wireless Range 150 ft.


    Dimensions 2.8 (H) x .75 (W) x 0.7 (D) in.
    Storage Temperature Range -20°F to 158°F
    Weight 25g

    Looking to use voice commands to lock your door with Amazon Alexa? Simply pair the Kwikset wireless lock to the VeraPlus controller and then enable the Vera skill inside the Alexa app. Speak “Alexa, lock the front door” to your Amazon Echo or Dot, and Vera will lock the door. Cool part is you can add electronic switches, Z-Wave LED bulbs, remote control outlets and other devices to create groups in Alexa for automating certain routines you manually do every day, like turning the lights off and locking the doors when you go to bed at night.

    This is Z-Wave device that can be controlled remotely by connecting it to one of these systems.

    Home Automation is a style of living. It is about always being connected to the home you love. These systems* allow you to control your connected home devices such as door locks, thermostats, lights, motion sensors, cameras, water sensors, and more, all remotely from a computer or smartphone.

    *Also works with Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Iris, ADT Pulse,, Honeywell, HomeSeer, LG Smart Security, Staples’ Connect, Harmony by Logitech, and many more.