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Commercial Fingerprint Door Lock

A keyless entry system for business or commercial spaces protects your valuable assets. And incorporating locks into the mix makes your security personalized and convenient.

The power of a biometric door lock makes sure that only authorized people enter your space. High-tech wireless fingerprint door locks and touchscreen smart locks powered by Bluetooth or Z-Wave bring the future of convenient security to your fingertips

How Does a Fingerprint Door Lock Work?

Fingerprint locks convert your fingerprint data into a numerical template. Then, it cross-references that template against an approved list. If your fingerprint is on the list, access is granted!

If you haven't considered a keyless entry system for business security, what's stopping you?

These locks are ideal for businesses that want to keep close tabs on who is entering and exiting their space (and when they're doing so). Don't want to have to keep making physical keys for new employees? Keyless locks are the perfect solution.

What is a Biometric Door Lock?

A biometric door lock acknowledges a person's identity through physical attributes. Biometric readers are often used in facial recognition technology and fingerprints locks.

As an added precaution, many biometric door locks ask for a PIN even after recognizing your fingerprint, ensuring your building is locked up tight.

With this method, traditional keys are unnecessary. And many of our models offer comprehensive audit trails to track who and when someone entered or exited.

Invest in a Trusted Lock Brand

STRATTEC Advanced Logic - A biometric door lock provides you with cutting-edge technology. Utilizing Z-Wave, a wireless communication protocol, these locks use easily integrated automation, making it even easier to access your space.

Smart Access Technologies - Keep your valuables and inventory protected with this smart access lock built to control cabinet access. Program up to 200 unique prints - all it takes is the swipe f an approved digit to sensor to grant access.

Ultraloq - Provides your commercial building with smart protection. Want more than just fingerprints? With this lock, you simply need to knock four times on your smartphone, and voila! Access granted.

Spring for a Commercial Fingerprint Door Lock

Fingerprint door locks are ideal for commercial buildings that need uncomplicated accessibility and enhanced security, even when you have staff, vendors, and clients coming and going.

Smart technology gives you a complete activity log to track who entered when. The investment is invaluable to protecting your inventory, equipment, clients, employees, and peace of mind.

If you haven't tried a keyless lock before, now is the time to see what a difference they can make to your daily life. Time for a trusted commercial fingerprint door lock to help you finally GoKeyless!

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