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  • Mechanical, Electrical, Fingerprint – Which Lock is Right for Your Business?

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    Most business owners would agree that keyless locks are superior to traditional locks in terms of convenience and security, but with so many different types of keyless locks on the market, which one would be the best fit for your business? Below are some key points to help you weigh out your options.

    The Three Main Types of Keyless Locks

    • Electronic Keyless Locks: As the name implies, electronic keyless locks operate by means of an electrical current. While some electronic keyless locks receive their power supply via a hard-wired connection to the building’s electrical system, many keyless locks are powered by an integrated battery. Most electronic keyless locks come with an illuminated keypad as well, making them very convenient for nighttime entry. A great example of a commercial-grade electronic keyless lock is the Trilogy T2 DL2700.
    • Mechanical Keyless Locks: These keyless locks also feature a keypad for easy entry, but because they are mechanically operated, they do not require batteries or any other type of power source. An excellent example of an industrial-strength mechanical keyless lock is the Lockey 1150.
    • Fingerprint Keyless Locks: Also referred to as biometric locks, fingerprint keyless locks are electronic locks that feature a touchscreen that reads and verifies your fingerprint in order to grant entry access. Not only does this type of lock provide a robust level of security, but if we’re being honest, it bumps up the “cool factor” by a couple of notches too. A good example of a business-grade fingerprint keyless lock is the Westinghouse RTS.

    Mechanical, Electronic, Fingerprint – Which is Right for Your Business?

    There are a lot of factors that can influence your choice of keyless lock, and much of it will be based on the unique needs and characteristics of your business. For example:

    • If you work in a building where your office can be directly accessed by an exterior door, you will need to think more about the lock’s durability versus if your office were inaccessible from the outside. Mechanical keyless locks are known for their weatherproof construction and outstanding durability, which would make them a good candidate for securing a door that is exposed to the elements.
    • For areas where sensitive information or valuable business assets are being kept, it would be a good idea to install an electronic keyless lock that features an audit trail function (the Trilogy T2 DL2800 is a great example), so that you can have a precise record of who is going in and out of that room and when.
    • For high-security areas where restricted personnel access is very important, you’re going to need to have the most ironclad security and identity verification measures in place. A fingerprint keyless lock would definitely be the best fit for these types of scenarios.
    • If you’re securing a door that is often accessed at night or in an area with low lighting, an electronic or fingerprint keyless lock would be an ideal choice, because they feature backlit keypads that offer better visibility in low-light settings versus mechanical locks.

    The above points are just a few examples that illustrate the importance of matching the strengths of each type of keyless lock with their intended use. As you browse through the many different keyless locks on our website, be sure to click on the Features, Description and Specs tabs on each product page to get a good idea of what each keyless lock has to offer. And of course, you can always give us a call or fire up our live chat to get your questions answered, so you can be fully comfortable that you’re choosing the best keyless lock for your business!

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