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  • Military Facilities Better Secured with Kaba Simplex Locks

    Military Facilities Better Secured with Kaba Simplex Locks

    No outfit in the world is better equipped to protect its citizens, and serve the cause of liberty around the globe than the United States Military. It is with a great deal of respect and honor, that we get to work with all branches of our armed forces on a daily basis to assist them in their security and access control needs. One line of security products chosen by a majority of contracting officers, base personnel, and security directors for meeting these needs is the Kaba Simplex locks.

    GoKeyless became an authorized distributor for Kaba Simplex in 2007. This partnership allowed us to expand our offering of the Kaba pushbutton locks, deliver more service and support to our Military customers, become a direct link to the Simplex keyless locks for the Military here at home and abroad, and offer the Military additional savings and bulk discounts.

    A reputation for maximum durability and strength, Kaba Simplex locks appeal to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard because of the ability of these locks to operate flawlessly in some of the harshest environments around the planet. You’ll find them securing storage spaces, command centers, and living facilities even in the most brutal of climates and conditions. Extreme weather, or temperatures, won’t hinder the operations of Kaba Simplex. Wherever the Military goes, Kaba Simplex locks can go with them, ensuring assets are kept safe and accessible, and personnel are well protected.

    Simplex pushbutton locks are offered in many different models, for compatibility with the most common door types. A multitude of finishes to compliment any design space is also made available. The most popular models for installing on a standard bored door which uses a cylindrical latch, are the Kaba Simplex 1000, and Kaba Simplex Extra Heavy-duty 5000 locks. The 1000 series features a comfortable, strong knob for rotation. The 5000 series, a full-size ADA (American with Disabilities Act) certified lever handle. The Simplex 5000 comes with a key override. Both models can be ordered with an advanced feature called ‘passage’ mode. Having the option to activate free passage can be useful when you don’t want the door to lock for a temporary period of time.

    Beyond the Kaba Simplex 1000 and 5000 locks, the Kaba Simplex 7100, Simplex 900, and Simplex 8100 are also a valued choice for the Military. Simplex 7100 pushbutton locks help secure military housing facilities, as these can be ordered with a deadbolt. Simplex 900 locks are surface mounted, and provide the Military a key-free locking option for doors where mortising out the door edge isn’t feasible, or a secondary pushbutton auxilliary lock is required. Simplex 8100 locks are the ASM mortise keyless locks for adding pushbutton convenience and safety to doors with an existing mortise case lock.

    Simplex 1011 Pushbutton Cipher Lock

    Simplex 5021 Extra Heavy-Duty Combination Door Lock

    Simplex 7100 Series Auto-locking Pushbutton Deadlatch

    Simplex 8146 Push Button Grade 1 Mortise Lock

    Simplex 900 Auto Re-lock Deadlocking Latch