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    Our Favorite Locks For Military Applications

    If security is important for your business or personal property, you need to choose a lock and security system that can stand up to some of the biggest threats while easily lasting for years to come. If you are looking for the most modern security solutions that are capable of handling military-grade threats, we have a wide selection of options available right here at GoKeyless. If you would like to learn more about how you can secure your business or your space with locks durable enough to stand up to military applications, contact the elite team at GoKeyless today. Our staff will help you find the perfect security solutions to help you keep your space safe and secure against almost any threat. Here are three locks that are currently being used in military applications.

    FEIG Card Reader CPR50.10E HF

    One of the most secure ways to manage and control access to a space is through RFID card readers. RFID cards bypass the traditional risks of keys while also giving your employees a physical access pass to enter into restricted areas. If you are looking for an industry-leading RFID card reader that will seamlessly fit into the design of your space, look no further than the FEIG Card Reader CPR50.10E HF. This beautiful lock offers access control, time and attendance tracking, and an electronic ticketing system to allow you to easily monitor and manage who has access to which spaces. This lock will even communicate with NFC-devices and will easily integrate into any existing LAN networks that you are currently using. From installation to management, this lock makes it easier than ever to secure and control each one of your spaces.

    Trilogy Networx PDL1300NW

    There is no “One size fits all” security solution for all spaces, and some narrow spaces do not afford enough space for a traditional lock system. That is where the Trilogy Networx PDL1300NW comes into play. This slim and stylish lock can fit on almost any doorway and comes equipped with remote access capabilities, system-wide free-passage mode, global lockdown, and much more. You can choose your preferred access type, with key fob access, a 12-digit keypad, or a lock and key override. Don’t be fooled by this lock’s slim design, it is just as sturdy and robust as many systems 2-3 times its size.

    Trilogy Networx Wireless Access System-In-A-Box

    One of the biggest fears most business owners have when they are updating their security system is that it will be too difficult to manage and control their new technology. The Trilogy Networx Wireless Access System-In-A-Box takes away the hassle of traditional security systems by supplying you with everything you will need to manage, operate, and control your system in one simple box. This system includes a PDL6100 lock, an AL-IME2 gateway system, 30 HID proximity cards, a software CD, and a QR code to a free online training webinar. You can even expand your existing system and unify your smart locks under the included management software.

    No matter what your security needs may be, the elite team here at GoKeyless is ready to help you. Contact us today to find the perfect lock to fit your needs today.