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  • Secure Your Gate With These Three Locks

    Secure Your Gate With These Three Locks

    If you own a home or business with an enclosed outdoor area like a backyard, a fenced-in patio, a parking area, or an outdoor dining area that you need to keep protected, you need to take your security seriously before it becomes a problem. Outdoor areas are oftentimes viewed as weak points for both businesses and homes. These areas are oftentimes shielded or more private than the front of a building, giving criminals more time to look through windows and pick and choose how they are going to break in. You can easily reduce your security risks and keep your outdoor areas safe with a great gate lock. If you would like to learn more about how you can secure your space, contact the security experts here at GoKeyless today.

    FEIG Max.U500i

    If you have a front gate for vehicles to drive through or a parking structure for employees that you want to keep secure while allowing for complete and total ease of use for your employees, the FEIG Max.U500i is a perfect solution. This standalone long-range UHF RFID reader allows you to easily secure up to two lanes of traffic and comes equipped with a built-in lighting system. This system is perfect for airports, gated communities, universities, and more. You can easily integrate this gate management system with the myAXXESS management software to easily add and remove access as needed from the comfort of your computer. Never worry about who is driving onto your property again with the FEIG Max.U500i.

    Simplex 1011

    From the narrow metal gates to standard entryways, the Simplex 1011 can easily fit on most doors to add a boost of security to even the harshest conditions. This 100% mechanical heavy-duty push button lock can stand up to some serious punishment and can easily withstand freezing conditions, salty air, extreme heat, and almost any punishment you can throw at it. You can easily mount this lock on both left and right swinging doors. If you are looking for a strong and durable lock that you can easily mount with no wiring, no software, no batteries, and no cards, the Simplex 1011 is the lock for you.

    Lockey Sumo PGL-50

    One of the most dangerous locations in any home, business, or recreation center is the pool. Every year thousands of people die from drowning accidents in pools that were either unsecured or unmonitored. Luckily, you can easily secure your pool from even the most determined visitors with the Lockey Sumo PGL-50. This fully childproof and pet-proof design allows you to rest easy knowing that your pool is completely secure from even the most determined set of hands. The top-pull design of this lock makes it all but impossible for children to reach and the lock itself is completely compliant with all pool safety standards. You can easily install this lock on any pool fence with a post of 1 inch or more. Keep your pool safe for years to come with this sleek and stylish lock.

    From front gates to rear entrances and pool gates, exterior security is immensely important for both homes and businesses. If you would like to learn more about how you can easily keep your home or business safe and secure, contact the security experts here at GoKeyless today.