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    Rim Exit Device

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    dormakaba Architectural

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    Heavy Duty Exit Device

    The 9000 Series heavy-duty exit device provides superior durability while the smooth reduced projection touchbar assembly minimizes catch hazards.

    For paired doors where a full-width opening is only occasionally required, removable mullions are used. Doors are fitted with rim exit devices and normally function as single doors. Steel and aluminum mullions are available in 8′ or 10′ lengths.

    Available motorized latch retraction (MLR).

    • Heavy duty cast chassis, available in wide or narrow stile
    • Antimicrobial protected coating
    • Motorized latch retraction (MLR) available
    • Complies with NFPA life safety code and AD
    • CBC-compliant option (BF) for maximum 5 lb operating force (9300, 9500, 9700)
    • The Motorized latch retraction features a whisper-quiet motor and operates quietly

    You know a dormakaba exit device when you see it. A manufacturing powerhouse for the commercial building industry, dormakaba has a long tradition for excellence dating back over 100 years. About the only thing that rivals the smooth, quiet operation of the dormakaba F9300 fire-rated wide stile panic bar is it's aesthetically pleasing, stunning architectural design. The distinct lines, quality of material, push-pad durability, and underlying strength of a dormakaba F9300 fire rated touch bar are what spec writers, architects, general contractors, and building owners have come to appreciate in this premium door hardware.  In the same way cheap jewelry will turn your skin a different color, break, and make you question why you didn't invest in quality to begin with, a cheap panic bar will require constant upkeep and repair, stick, become noisy, and overtime cost you more than you bargained for.  A quality touch bar device protects your hardware investment dollars, and there is not much better than the dormakaba F9300 to do exactly that. With new stand-alone access control locks, it's easy to transition your exit doors to keyless entry.  Pair with our Simplex 5010, or Lockey 310P keyless exit locks, or our dormakaba E-Plex E5010 programmable exit lock, E-Plex E5710 card solution, Trilogy ETDL pushbutton exit, or Trilogy ETPDL prox card system for access control on the external side of the door.  When your application requires a hard-wired keypad or card reader, you can pair with our HES rim strike.
    Simplex 5010, or Lockey 310P keyless exit locks, or our Kaba E-Plex E5010 programmable exit lock, E-Plex E5710 card solution, Trilogy ETDL pushbutton exit, or Trilogy ETPDL prox card system for access control on the external side of the door. When your application requires a hard-wired keypad or card reader, you can pair with our HES rim strike.


    Manufacturer dormakaba
    Finish Aluminum, Stainless Steel
    Brand dormakaba Architectural

    Door requirements



    Door Size 28 - 36 in., 34 - 48 in.
    Height 4

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