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Top Five Benefits of Installing a WiFi Door Lock

WiFi has revolutionized the way we go through our lives. Now you can enjoy that same ease of use to protect your home or business.

1. Stay connected to your home’s security. Track when doors open and close to ensure family members make it home safely. Lock your doors with the touch of a button on your smartphone. Point and click to change or personalize codes, or grant access on the go.

2. Make it your own with retrofitting and customizable options. A wireless lock can fit right into your structure without looking out of place. With so many options to choose from, you can find the design and finish that matches your space.

3. Pair your Wifi lock with a smart doorbell camera. This allows you to track package deliveries and visitors from anywhere worldwide.

4. Arrive home in style. Let’s customize coming home. Choose a lock that opens when you’re in close proximity and communicates to your other smart devices for the ultimate arrival experience.

5. Enjoy peace of mind by knowing your home or business is safe and sound at all times. Double-check your door from the office, the gym, or the grocery store by using the paired app.

You put a lot into the spaces you love—let’s keep them protected. A high-quality WiFi door lock provides high security for homes, businesses, colleges, and other gathering spaces.

High-Quality Brands to Bring You the Best

Since 2003, GoKeyless has been helping home- and business owners discover just how convenient keyless locks can be. We proudly offer products that have a track record of excellence and durability. Discover your perfect wireless lock from trusted brands including Yale, Ultraloq, Schlage, Kwikset, and more.

Our Passionate Team Helps You Find the Right Model

Use our filter on the right-hand side of the page to narrow down price, type, and brand options and find the right WiFi door lock for you. Each individual product page has plenty of information, including unique features, specs, and customer reviews.

If you’re feeling stuck or have questions about a particular product, reach out to the GoKeyless team online or over the phone. We’d be more than happy to talk keyless solutions with you!

Get rid of outdated, clunky key rings that have the potential to be lost or - even worse - stolen. Make this the year you decide to install a wireless lock (or two!), and finally enjoy the freedom when you GoKeyless.