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A New World of Lockboxes

Looking for a safe way to store your set of spare keys? These days, hiding a key under a rock just isn’t going to cut it! But not to worry: our weather-resistant, keyless lockboxes are here to help. When you’re looking for the most durable and convenient key storage options, you can’t go wrong with GoKeyless. With personalized codes or smartphone access, you’re always in control. Need to share access with a showing agent, inspector, pet sitter, or family member? With our Bluetooth options, we’ve made it easy.

The Benefits of Secure Key Storage

Whether you’re looking for a lockbox for real estate purposes or are simply looking for a safe place to store keys, we’ve got you covered. Our key storage boxes allow you to secure spare house keys while granting specific control over who can access them. Use them to let in a house or pet-sitter while you’re at the office or away on vacation. You can even check an audit trail to track when it’s been used. In the real estate business? Both our Bluetooth and analog options are ideal lockboxes for real estate agents looking for a secure way to make house keys available to the appropriate parties!

Types of Lockboxes for Keys

Keypad & Combination - Looking to keep things simple? Our analog key storage systems are durable, weather-resistant, and user-friendly. Use a combination of letters and numbers to create your very own access code. Protect your keys with our keypad and combination lock options.

Smartphone - Utilize your smartphone to make the most of these Bluetooth options. With the ability to remotely control access, you can now manage and monitor who is getting into a specific lockbox and when! Both of our weather-resistant options seamlessly integrate with ShowingTime®: a property showing management tool for realtors, agents and brokers. If you’re looking for the best lockbox for real estate, look no further!

Move Over, Doormat!

Our lockboxes help you secure your spare keys in a convenient and memorable location that isn’t your doormat. Rest easy knowing that your home or commercial space is safe: with our key storage systems, you’re always the one in control.

Read our reviews to see how much people love and trust our durable lockbox options. Whether you’re a real estate agent, a business owner, or a homeowner - trust us - you’ll enjoy the freedom that comes with deciding to GoKeyless!