Best Door Locks for Airbnb Home Rentals

It’s no secret that vacation rental sites like Airbnb are the new way to travel if you’re looking to save money and stay in a place that feels like home. And well-seasoned Airbnb hosts, like yourself, know that one of the things guests love most is the ease and convenience of a casual check-in process.

Installing the right Airbnb door locks may be the key to ensuring your check-in process is simple and your property is safe for guests throughout their stay.

Why Consider a Better Lock for Your Airbnb Rental?

There are many advantages to switching your Airbnb door locks from manual key entry to one using a keypad, touchscreen, or smart-lock technology:

  • No need for a physical key—these updated door locks allow authorized guests to use push-button pads, touchscreens, or Bluetooth-compatible devices to gain access to the rental space. Hosts, no more late-night visits to deliver a new key!
  • Faster check-in process—hosts can message access instructions to their guests, without even needing to be around for arrival. This is a great perk for hosts who don’t live nearby!
  • Remote access for host—if your guests have any issues, you can access the lock remotely from your smart phone to let them in.
  • Better guest experience—some guests appreciate diving right into their vacation and spending less time getting situated in their new surroundings. These updated locks allow guests instant access to the space without having to wait on the host. This flexibility and freedom will surely inspire guests to leave rave reviews about the advanced security, privacy, and thoughtfulness you offer.
  • Stronger security—there’s no secret that keys get lost, leaving your space open to security vulnerabilities. Hotels and resorts use smart-lock technologies for those same security reasons. These locks also have added safety features, like tamper alerts or suspension after multiple failed attempts.
  • Multiple authorized-user codes—if you have a separate house cleaner, mechanic, or other employee who checks in on your rental unit, you can assign a unique user code for each employee and another for the guest(s).
  • Trackable access—if you don’t live near your Airbnb rental, being able to track when employees and guests access the lock will give you peace of mind to know who accesses the space and when.

Recommended Locks for Airbnb Rentals

The best door locks for Airbnbs streamline accessing the property for your guests. GoKeyless offers a variety of door lock styles to choose from, helping you select a lock that’s secure and suits your rental space, preferences, and needs. Let’s take a look at the various locking systems and some of our favorite Airbnb door lock options:

Smart Locks

One of the most secure and convenient door locks for Airbnb rentals are smart locks. They use radio-frequency identification (RFID) and near-field communication (NFC) to authorize access. Because this technology is often associated with your smartphones and smartwatches, most of these devices are all guests need to access your Airbnb. Guests simply download an app and use their smart device to unlock the door.

A common favorite, the Kwikset Kevo door lock may seem like a humble ordinary lock based on its contemporary appearance, but the wireless touch-to-open Kevo deadbolt sets this lock apart from the rest. As a fail-safe option, it offers a traditional metal keyhole, as well!


Keypad & Touchscreen Locks

Both keypad and touchscreen locking systems make great Airbnb door locks, as they allow hosts to create unique pins for their guests. You also have the option to let guests select pin combinations or to set one for their guests to use during their stay. To gain access, users can punch in their authorized pin using the electronic push buttons or the touchscreen keypad.

Some keypads and touchscreen locks also feature smart-lock technology, allowing your guests the choice to use their Bluetooth-enabled smart devices or the keypad/touchscreen pin to gain access.

One common keypad option is the Yale Assure YRD216 for its simple design and effortless usability.

For hosts looking for a more modern-looking lock, trust the Nest Yale Lock for their Airbnb for security. The Next X Yale YRD540-WV offers a stylish touchscreen keypad with smart-lock technology, truly offering your guests the freedom to choose which access method is most convenient for them.

Lockboxes & Key Storage

If completely going away from a metal key doesn’t appeal to you, a lockbox for Airbnb can offer you and your guests much of the same freedoms as the other above-mentioned locks. A lockbox is a secured box that requires a pin or an authorized Bluetooth-enabled device to unlock it, granting access to the key(s) inside the box. Lockboxes are designed to be weather-resistant and durable and are also trusted by many realtors and brokers.

One of our favorite lockboxes is the Master Lock 5441ENT, as it’s Bluetooth compatible and sleekly mounts to a nearby wall, making it easily accessible for your guests.



If you want to upgrade your vacation rental home with improved security and guest-friendly convenience, it’s time to update your Airbnb door lock! With several keypad, touchscreen, and smart-lock options available to you, you’re sure to find the best door lock for your Airbnb right here at GoKeyless.