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    Keyless locks for special needs kids

    Families with special needs kids or children who live on the autism spectrum often face circumstances that involve a child wandering outside of the home, sometimes several blocks, or even miles away.

    This creates added worry and stress for the family, and it goes without saying, it also places your child in a very unsafe situation.

    Over the past years, GoKeyless has worked with many families with children who are on the autism spectrum or have special needs. The main concern they all have in common is the growing concern that their children are becoming better adept at getting outside without supervision.

    The Trouble with Keyed Door Locks

    The truth is children with special needs, even as young as 3-4 years old, are not intimidated by the keyed-in lock on the door. A regular lock found on a residential perimeter door is typically a deadbolt configuration, with a thumb turn on the inside for retracting the deadbolt. In these cases, it’s very easy for the child to quickly learn how to unlock the door and begin wandering about.

    Though families have tried to guard against this, within a short time, their child can often outsmart them. Quick fixes have included mounting the locks higher on the door, only to discover that their child uses a chair to unlock it, which presents yet another unsafe situation.

    Another remedy has been to install a locking two-sided keyed-in-deadbolt, yet the child still seems to always know where the keys are hidden, so this doesn’t work either.

    How to Prevent Wandering Outside the Safety of Your Home

    The best way to prevent wandering is to invest in double sided keyless locks. These locks make use of a combination keypad and are offered in a deadbolt configuration (as well as knob and lever configurations, if that’s what you have now), to make for an easy retrofit of your existing lock.

    Lockey is the leading brand for this type of keyless system, and we offer the following models for purchase on our website to help improve your home’s safety:

    Lockey M210DC EZ

    Lockey 2500

    Lockey 2210DC

    Lockey 2830DC

    Lockey 2835DC

    The 2210DC model is a two-way keyless lock in a deadbolt format, while the 2830DC features a knob, and the 2835DC is furnished with a lever.

    With no key hole, and with exiting granted only by code, these keyless locks go a long way in keeping special needs kids from escaping unnoticed. Just be sure you set the code to something that is not familiar to them, such as a birthday, or other number which references something they could guess.

    Don’t forget to check with your Local Authority Having Jurisdiction before installation to review their policy on putting double-sided locks on your door.

    “I purchased double-sided keyless deadbolt locks (Lockey M210DC) and digital sliding glass door locks (Lockey 2500 series sliding door lock). The customer service I received was great. One of the locks was missing a couple of pieces. The problem was addressed to my complete satisfaction within 24 hours of contacting customer service. I am extremely happy that I purchased all of the locks. I have autistic children. The locks keep my children safely in the house. All of the locks are worth every penny they cost because of the peace of mind they bring that my children are going to remain safely in the house.”

    – Parent of Children with Autism Spectrum

    Home Safety for Wandering Prevention

    To learn more about the benefits of Lockey’s double-sided keyless locks, contact our support team at (877) 439-5377. We’ll listen to your concerns and direct you to the best keyless system for your home and family’s safety.