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  • Top 5 Dorm Room Security Enhancements to Make This Summer

    Enhance your Dorm Room Security

    For high school graduates and returning college students, the summer is a great time to enjoy some free time away from classes and final exams. For college administrators and maintenance professionals, however, it’s a race against the clock to update your organization’s facility to ensure a safe, smooth transition come fall semester.

    Though COVID-19 has left much uncertainty as to when colleges and universities will begin enrolling students again and welcoming back staff, when the time does come for you to reopen, will your dorm room security be ready?

    In a previous blog post, we discussed the top 5 dorm room security tips that students can practice to help protect their valuables. This week, we wanted to focus on providing school administrators with 5 effective strategies for enhancing college dorm security practices on campus.

    5 Dorm Room Security Essentials

    Go Keyless:With new advances in technology, the majority of colleges and universities are now replacing mechanical door locks with newer electric systems. These advanced security systems allow students to access their rooms via fingerprint, fob, keypad, or smart device.

    • This removes the hassle of students losing keys or making copies for their friends. It also ensures that students can enter their door rooms with more ease, as it’s likely their smartphones will already be in their hands when they get to the door. Popular options that offer secure, effective, and smart access include:

    Update Exterior Door Looks:To help protect the students and their valuables inside each dorm room, you need to start at the building’s first line of defense: the exterior entryways and exits.

    • Installing a heavy-duty, weather resistant door lock system will ensure only students, security, and staff assigned to each dorm building can safely access it.
    • It’s also important that these systems include tracking (i.e. audit trails and reporting features); scheduling (timers for doors to restrict access after a specific time without physical security present); and built-in alarm systems, so your security team can know exactly who entered the building, how long they stayed, and where they went. Advanced options include:

    Offer Combination Locks:In our previous post, we discussed the benefits of lock boxes, safes, and locking cabinets for students to store their identification and credentials, electronic devices, and other valuables.

    • While this is an option your students can purchase on their own, if you have extra room in your school’s security budget, you may consider adding additional security products for student use. Options may include:
        1. Combination Padlocks
        2. Master Lock 1500iD Speed Dial Combination Lock

    Test Dorm Windows:In addition to testing and upgrading your dorm’s door locks, you’ll want to inspect the safety and durability of every window lock system, too. Be sure each window locks securely, opens and closes easily, and doesn’t show signs of water leaking, such as cracks in its molding.

    Institute a Regular Lock Check Policy:A lot can happen during a semester, and a good way to ensure that your college dorm security is top notch is to perform regular inspections and create an emergency contingency plan that students understand and can practice.

    • Your college or university may instill a regular dorm room lock check every three-six months to ensure all lock mechanisms are working properly, including the doors students and staff need to use to access or exit the building.
    • Make sure to communicate these security inspections to students, so they’re aware and know what to expect to help streamline the process.

    Enhance Your College Dorm Security with GoKeyless

    There’s a lot to juggle before the start of a new semester. Ensure your dorm room securityis secure, smart, and up to the challenge with GoKeyless. We offer various security solutions to help protect your students and campus community.

    For more information, browse our website, or contact a security-solution consultant today at (877) 439-5377.