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  • Commercial Door Lock Types to Best Secure Your Business

    Commercial Door Lock Types to Best Secure Your Business

    The security needs of your company can vary drastically, depending on your industry, building requirements, number of employees, etc. With so much on the line for your business, including employee wellbeing and valuable inventory on the premises, taking the necessary security measures is paramount.

    No matter the size of your company, you need business locks designed to handle the foot traffic and continuous use that your business demands, so employees, inventory, and/or daily operations are always protected.

    With these four types of commercial door locks, you can ensure your business operates as safely and efficiently as possible, while providing more access control:

    4 Types of Commercial Door Locks

    Mechanical Door Locks

    A more traditional commercial door lock type, mechanical door locks are durable and easy to use. Most mechanical locks use a push button or combination pad to grant access, and this style allows businesses to update the access pin(s) as often as needed, as most offer thousands of possible code combinations to ensure your building remains secure. Depending on the specific model, some mechanical door locks have key override options for even more flexibility, and with no wiring needed, they’re also easy to install and maintain.

    • Mechanical door locks can be utilized on a variety of doors, from your main entry doors or gates to interior spaces you need to restrict access, such as conference rooms, break rooms, sensitive-data storage closets, etc.

    The following mechanical door locks are some of our favorite business door locks:

    Lockey 1150: This keyless mechanical door lock is as heavy duty as it gets, featuring a latch bolt with deadlocking plunger. Using a combination pad with a three-to-five-character code to unlock the mechanism, this industrial-strength lock is completely weatherproof and easy to install! It’s auto-locking feature ensures that whenever the door closes, it automatically relocks, keeping your business protected.

    Simplex 5051: This heavy-duty door lock meets all Department of Defense security specifications. It’s five-button pad offers convenience and efficiency, while its extra-heavy-duty latch bolt with deadlocking plunger offers impressive resistance to vandalism, making it a great option for high-traffic buildings. It also features a mechanical key override and an auto-locking with passage mode feature, which allows you to customize if and when you allow code-free entry.

    Electronic Door Locks

    Electronic door locks offer businesses the efficiency and convenience they want with the security they need. There are a variety of access types for electronic locks for businesses, including smart locks, fingerprint and biometric locks, card/fob locks, keypad locks, etc. Electronic door locks come with more security benefits, including access monitoring, smart phone access, multiple user codes, lock scheduling, and more.

    • Similar to mechanic door locks, electronic door locks for businesses can be used on main entry doors, as well as interior doors to restrict access to offices, sensitive-information storage, inventory rooms, etc.

    While we offer an impressive range of electronic door locks for businesses at GoKeyless, here are two of our current favorites:

    Schlage CO-200: This ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certified electronic door lock has a numerical keypad that uses 3-to-6-digit pin codes to grant access. This particular model accommodates up to 500 users, with the option to add software to accommodate up to 2000 users.

    Using a handheld device or the Schlage SMS Express software on a computer, you can easily customize and program your keypad, monitor access with retrievable audit trails, and create up to 8 unlock schedules.

    Trilogy Networx PDL1300NW: This narrow electronic door lock is ideal for aluminum-framed glass doors, featuring two modes of access with a push-button keypad for three-to-six-digit pin codes and a proximity reader for HID Prox ID cards or fobs. This weatherproof door lock uses a real-time clock for ultimate accuracy for lock scheduling and audit trailing, and the lock can accommodate up to 5000 users, making this a great option for larger businesses.

    Designed to wirelessly communicate via Ethernet or Bluetooth, the PDL1300NW has made customizing and managing the access and security of your business easier than ever by using the DTM hand held or your computer.

    Panic Bars

    Panic bars, also referred to as exit bars, are designed to improve exit access in highly occupied areas, especially in the case of emergencies. These locks use a horizontal push bar to unlock the door. With a simple push or bump of the bar, the lock unlatches, allowing your customers, employees, etc. to efficiently exit without fumbling with a door knob, pin pad, etc. These panic bars work with a variety of exterior door locks, including mechanical locks, electronic locks, biometric locks, pin pads, and more.

    • It’s important to always ensure your building meets all fire and safety codes and regulations, and depending on the size and layout of your building, you may be required to incorporate panic bar locks on the interior sides of exit doors in certain areas.

    The following panic bar is one of our favorites here at GoKeyless:

    Arrow S1250-F: This exit bar is ANSI and BHMA Grade 1 certified for the ultimate security. Coming in a range of widths, this panic bar can be equipped on any left or right swing-style exit doors. This trouble-free panic bar is compatible with a variety of exit device locks, including electronic and mechanical door locks designed specifically for exits, like the Trilogy ETDL27.

    Electric Strike Door Locks

    Electric strike door locks typically use a commercial door lock, like a card reader, fob system, or pin pad lock, in combination with an electric strike plate to bolster security of your building, where the electric strike plate takes the place of a standard strike plate in your door frame. An electric strike plate has a moving metal component on one side of the latch hole that unlatches when access is granted, allowing the door to open.

    • These locks are particularly helpful for businesses who need complete access monitoring and control, especially at main entrance doors and interior doors requiring high security.

    At GoKeyless, we offer a variety of commercial door locks that are designed to work with electric strike plates, and with our electric strike kits, you can conveniently equip your building with electric-strike-plate security. Here are two of our favorite electric strike products:

    SDC UniFLEX 45-A: This universal Centerline Line Entry strike is ideal for high-traffic buildings and can work with any door material, regardless of faceplate size. This electric strike plate also comes with latch monitoring, including latched and unlatched status and more!

    SDC 15-2-3-Kit: Including the above electric strike plate, this kit comes with a regulated plug-in power supply and a concealed desk switch that’ll allow you or your employees to lock and unlock the door remotely.

    Enhance Your Business’s Security with GoKeyless

    At GoKeyless, we offer a wide variety of security solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. To browse our extensive range of commercial door locks, visit the GoKeyless website, or contact us today to talk with one of our security experts who’ll learn more about your business’s unique needs and goals and help you find the best types of commercial door locks to protect your business and employees.