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  • The Best Front Door Security Products for Businesses

    The Best Front Door Security Products for Businesses

    The front door of your business likely gets a lot of foot traffic, including employees, customers, vendors, deliveries, and so much more. With all the comings and goings throughout the day, it’s important as a business owner to ensure your employees, building, and information stay safe.

    Since your business’s front door is usually the main point of entry, it’s one of your biggest security risks. Employee turnover, misplaced or lost keys, or lack of access monitoring, for instance, can compromise the security of your building.

    With these four front door security products for businesses, you can easily control and monitor access to your building and protect your company, employees, equipment, etc.—giving you more peace of mind, so your business can focus on important daily operations:

    1. Front Door Locks

    Your strongest line of defense at your business is your door lock. By opting for standard keyed door locks, your security-risk potential increases, as keys can easily get lost, stolen, or misplaced. There are various types of keyless door lock options, including mechanical locks, RFID card or fob locks, biometric locks, smart door locks, etc., and many offer bonus features that allow you even more protection, convenience, and flexibility, such as

    • Multiple access codes
    • Smart phone access
    • Access monitoring
    • And so much more!

    The following keyless locks are some of our favorite options for businesses:

    Trilogy T2 DL2800: This popular electric lock includes scheduling and audit trail, so you can set your office doors to lock/unlock at predetermined times. Business owners can easily manage this lock by fingertip at the lock’s keypad or on a laptop or desktop PC. Featuring built-in, multi-level programming functions, you can create group or individual user codes, master and management codes, passage codes, and emergency or service codes to suit your business’ security needs.

    Trilogy DL1300: This narrow stile access control lock offers advanced stand-alone keypad security for aluminum frame glass office and storefront doors. Featuring timed lock/unlock and audit trail, this keyless option gives you the ability to use a convenient DTM data transfer moduleto upload your user schedules from a desktop or laptop computer. Cost-friendly and easy to maintain, the Trilogy DL1300 offers an advanced key management solution for your business.

    Lockey 1150: This is a marine-grade industrial-strength mechanical door lock option that uses a combination keypad to allow access without the need for wiring or batteries, and it offers a latch bolt with deadlocking plunger—a boosted security feature.

    Schlage NDE: This wireless RFID card lock is ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certified and allows users to gain access with Schlage proximity cards, Schlage fobs, and Schlage smart cards. With built-in Bluetooth and WiFi, this impressive smart lock allows you to take full advantage of the free ENGAGE mobile app, where you can conveniently update lock settings, manage access, create lock schedules, and view usage alerts anywhere from your smart device.

    Strattec Advanced Logic RTS-Z: This lock offers business owners complete customization, with both a pin pad and a fingerprint biometric scanner for ultimate access control. Meeting Grade 1 standards for maximum security, this pin and fingerprint lock includes MS1 User Management software, allowing you the flexibility to create user lock schedules, customize holiday lock overrides, audit access trails, and manage user permissions right from your computer.

    1. Front Gate Security

    For some businesses, securing access to the building may start at the front gate. Without a reliable security product restricting gate access, however, anyone can have access authorized-personnel-only areas (e.g. loading docks, employee parking and entrances, apartment parking, etc.), jeopardizing the security of your building and operations.

    Your gate should maximize security to prevent all unauthorized access from reaching the building. Much like front door locks, there are several keyless gate locks available, so you don’t have to worry about physical keys, and can update entry codes as you see fit to boost security.

    One of our favorite front gate keyless lock options is the Lockey M210DC EZ, a double-sided keyless deadbolt lock made from heavy-duty zinc alloy. This keyless mechanical locking system sports a weatherproof keypad, allowing users to punch in a three-to-five-digit code to gain access.

    1. Surveillance

    Installing a surveillance system can help protect your business from break-ins, thefts, and unauthorized access attempts. Surveillance cameras like the AlphaTouch AT700AS act as your doorman built for a building of any size. Receive call notifications from door entry stations, answer calls and grant building access right from an app so you can always keep an eye on your small business.

    1. Access Monitoring System

    As a business owner, it’s helpful to know who has access to your building and when they’ve accessed it. With standard key locks, there’s no true way to screen access activity. However, with smart-lock technology and the right security system, you can keep track of which employees enter and at what times.

    Having record of such detailed information allows you to monitor for excessive access, unauthorized access attempts, and so much more. One of our popular smart locks with access-monitoring systems is the Trilogy Networx Wireless Access System-in-a-Box, which controls access for up to 5,000 users with unique pins, proximity cards, etc. With time-stamp and user trailing, the Trilogy Networx System simplifies access monitoring and user-access scheduling, and it includes an ANSI Grade 1 certified proximity and pin door lock, for ultimate customization and control of your security.

    Selecting the right security products for your business can be overwhelming with so many options to consider, including the size of your company, the type of business you conduct, inventory on premises, and the safety of your employees, sensitive data, and the building itself.

    Protect Your Business with GoKeyless

    At GoKeyless, we offer security solutions to help keep your building and information secure. From biometric door locks to access monitoring systems, we have a solution for your business, no matter the industry or size. For more information, visit our websiteor contact our security experts to find the perfect front door security products for your business today!