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    Too many wires can consume our time and life. Go wireless by going Keyless

    Having too many wires can consume our time and cause frustration. Go wireless by going Keyless.

    Walk into any equipment room and storage closet in a business with a traditional access control panel, and you will find a knotted web of wires, similar to what you might see at the bedside of a hospital patient. Paralleling the move to wire-free devices in many industry sectors today, access control for physical protection of people and assets, is no longer available in just a wired-only solution. The evolution is following a similar path computers have taken.

    For the past 30 years we’ve enjoyed the portable and lapable convenience of operating a computer without it being hardwired. It’s only in the last decade however that laptops, and now tablets, are light enough, have enough horsepower, and contain the features necessary to make them the primary PC we use. While the first access control lock without wires was developed in the 1960’s, it’s just in the last handful of years business owners and managers have been able to seriously consider replacing their panel dinosaurs, and using the wire-free locks on higher security, and perimeter doors.

    The new technology, referred to in the industry as stand-alone access control, consolidates the mechanical and electronic components of access control into a single, battery-powered door lock. The keypad membrane or card reader reside directly above the door knob/lever on the front side of the door for determining legal passage, while the electronics are housed on the secure side of the door. Access control companies led by Schlage, Alarm Lock, and Kaba have shifted much of their research and development to this new line of wire free security.

    It dramatically reduces project costs for businesses, speeds up training and installation times, and doesn’t short change the client on the most important security requirements for access control. Systems are available for small, mid-level, and large tier facilities, and virtually any door application. The next time you wish your access control system “did this”, are tired of managing wires, and maintaining something that is outdated, you are just a few clicks away from seeing something that will totally change your perception of how to do access control. No different that when the power goes out at home we can grab our mobile phone and call out to anyone, wire-free access control is always on for limiting and restricting entry, reporting on an unauthorized entry, and locking down a door in the event of an emergency. It all makes for a safer work-place, less risky product choice, and dramatically easier go of it to deploy scheduling, auditing, and factor authentication to a door quickly, should a situation arise.

    Trilogy T2 DL2800 Electronic Lock – Timed Access, Audit Trail

    Kaba E-Plex E5600 Smart Card Access Control Lock

    Trilogy DL1300 Narrow Stile Access Control Lock

    Trilogy PDL3000 Stand-Alone Fob / Card Access System

    Trilogy PDL1300 PIN/Prox Card Access Storefront Lock

    SCHLAGE FE575 Plymouth Keypad Lock, Elan Lever

    Kaba E-Plex E5700 Extra Heavy-Duty Grade 1 Electronic Pushbutton Lock


    Trilogy DL3500 Electronic Mortise Keypad Lock

    Kaba PowerPlex P2031LL626 Self-Powered Lock

    Kaba E-Plex E2031LL626 Keyless Access Lock

    Kaba E-Plex E2066XSLL626 Mortise Keypad Lock